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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ISIS WAGES WAR ON GAYS 'USA, YOU ARE OUR PRIMARY GOAL' / Afghanistan Migration Surging Into USA: 99% Support Sharia... / Violent Riots And Looting Are Now A Daily Occurrence In Venezuela / Explosive Siberian Craters, Giant Sinkholes Swallow Bulldozer, Truck and Man In His Yard / China Drops a Silent Economic Bomb: Hints at Bankruptcy Rules for Financial Sector / Fitch Cuts Japan’s Credit Outlook To Negative / 'Supreme Court: Puerto Rico can't restructure debt... / Orlando Attack Reality Check: Next Time The Terrorists May Choose To Shoot Up A Church Or A School / A Sign of Trouble? What is Behind Soros’s Jump Into Gold / Senate Dems renew gun control push in wake of Orlando massacre…(MOLAN LABE!!) / Thousands of red tuna crabs wash up on Mission Beach, San Diego /Health Ranger issues 9-point survival alert for all awakened Americans: ISIS now at war with America... P.C. culture of denial resulting in mass bloodshed / GERMAN BOND HITS ZERO German 10-year sovereign bond yields turn negative for first time/ London Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements... / Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary's Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims / Lou Dobbs – Obama’s 'Accept Terrorism' PSYOP Against America /FL Attorney Says Growing Vegetables Not A Fundamental Right:A new local controversy is brewing in South Florida surrounding yet another instance of local governments imposing fines on residents and persecuting them over maintaining gardens on their proper / The US Government Has Recently Issued Two Alarming Warnings To Prep…But Is Anybody Listening? / We’re led by a fool’: Trump Doubles Down On Calls for Obama To Resign / We’re led by a fool’: Trump Doubles Down On Calls for Obama To Resign / HEADS UP! BLM Leader Hacked, Plans Reveal 'Martial Law' by Chaos at Both Conventions

Had Been Investigated by FBI...
TRUMP: 'When will this stop? When will we get tough, smart & vigilant'...
ISIS releases hit list with names of more than 8,000 Americans...

Afghanistan Migration Surging Into USA: 99% Support Sharia...

Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times



Last month we reported that citizens in Venezuela had finally become so desperate for food that angry mobs flooded the streets and looted all of the supermarkets that were rumored to still have anything left on their shelves.
Not long after, tired and hungry protesters took to the streets of Caracas once again, this time marching toward the presidential palace as they chanted "No more talk - we want food!." The mob was able to get within about six blocks of the palace before police in riot gear blocked the way, and began to shoot tear gas into the crowd to disperse the protest.
And now, as president Maduro remains defiant on allowing a referendum to take place to vote on his ouster, food riots and violent looting are taking place every day in a stark reminder of just how far the socialist utopia has fallen.

More than a quarter of the estimated 641 protests in Venezuela last month were over food, a figure that has risen every month this year, and the enormous social unrest in the country is something that should keep Maduro awake at night much more than the politics of it all. Despite hours in lines, Venezuelans increasingly find that coveted supplies of subsidized flour and rice run out before they can buy them. Many people are skipping meals, getting by on mangoes stripped from trees - or taking matters into their own hands and doing things such as rushing stopped food trucks and stealing whatever food is available as we showed last week.

Violent Riots And Looting Are Now A Daily Occurrence In Venezuela



Explosive Siberian Craters, Giant Sinkholes Swallow Bulldozer, Truck and Man In His Yard 

 Giant holes are popping up all over the frigid tundra of northern Russia, and no one is quite certain where they come from.

 Coworker Complained To Company About Omar Mateen Threatening To Kill People, They Did Nothing… Because He Was Muslim…

by John Galt
June 12, 2016 17:55 ET

The one thing that foreign investors had always been able to count on with the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and the Communist Party of China was that no matter how bad the conditions in their financial sector may get, the government and PBOC will always find away to restructure the debts or ensure the continued operation of the entities to avoid an outright default.
Sunday, during the Lujiazui Forum in Shanghai, that theory was turned on its head. From the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong:

China hints at bankruptcy rules for finance sector

Mainland authorities have signaled they are ready to accept the threat of volatility from financial institutions going bankrupt, with official calls for an orderly way to let failed players go bust.
Central bank deputy governor Zhang Tao said on Sunday that ensuring the stability of the financial sector did not mean protecting every institution against failure.
“Those institutions that need to be restructured should be restructured, and those doomed to go bankrupt should do so under the discipline of market forces,” Zhang said at the Lujiazui Forum in Shanghai.
Woah. That’s the kind of shot across the bow that should send a shiver down the spines of any investor because if losses are incurred, the odds of any recovery before a magistrate in one of the provincial courts within the communist system is basically nil unless one is part of the Communist Party apparatus inside of China. More from the story at Shanghai Daily coverage of the forum:

Tighter scrutiny call at finance forum

Tighter scrutiny of the financial sector amid the challenges of global economic growth and China’s financial reform was one of the themes that emerged during the Lujiazui Forum in Shanghai yesterday.
Four top-level officials, including Xiang Junbo, chairman of the nation’s top insurance regulator, spoke during the morning session of the two-day meeting, discussing China’s approach in developing a more reasonable financial market under supply-side reforms.
“China has established a relatively complicated financial system with diversified products,” Zhang Tao, deputy governor of People’s Bank of China, told the forum. “But the general level of our financial services still has much room for improvement, as we should face and solve the structural weakness shown by some specific sectors.”
Zhang spoke about the financial macro prudential management mechanism in cooperation with the government’s plan of leveraging down and capacity elimination, and highlighted the necessity of bringing in financial innovations such as peer-to-peer lending and equity crowd funding into the mechanism. New financial technologies brought explosive development in China’s Internet financial sector, providing services for broader investors, Zhang said.
“Financial innovation itself is affirmative, but at the same time, we should not overlook the risks hiding behind, which calls for further regulation and management to catch up with the pace of sector’s development,” he said.
The final hint as to what is about to hit the markets in the months ahead was dropped by none other than former Deputy Governor of the PBOC, Wu Xiaoling, also via Shanghai Daily:

Gaining without any pain seems ‘illusionary’

NO pain, no gain — that’s what a former Chinese central bank official emphasized yesterday at the Lujiazui Forum as she cautioned China’s policy-makers that it’s time to halt uncalled-for support for certain sectors and let the market play its role.
With China’s real economy remaining sluggish and domestic consumers shifting their demand to overseas, the Chinese government has been accelerating its efforts since last year to combat overcapacity in sectors such as steel and encouraging new industries such as innovation to be the catalyst to revive the economy.
Such change hurts but the pain is a necessary process as Wu Xiaoling, former deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China and now dean of the PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University, said in a panel discussion on supply-side reforms, financial innovation and macro prudential regulations at the forum.
“Monetary stimulus or credit easing is not a long-term plan,” Wu said. “It’s illusionary for someone to imagine a bright future without growing pains.”
Unfortunately for the Chinese and the world, the markets are inter-linked throughout the web of complex con artist instruments and if China decides to inflict pain on the speculators inside their nation, they might give other markets throughout the world a case of Zika or Ebola. The pain will be widespread and deep but worse will be the shock factor if Western investors are not made whole because of a major Chinese financial company going bankrupt.
Buckle up sparky, it’s going to be a wild end through 2016China Drops a Silent Economic Bomb: Hints at Bankruptcy Rules for Financial Sector


Fitch Cuts Japan’s Credit Outlook To Negative





Nato troops taking part in their latest exercise in PolandGETTY
Nato troops taking part in their latest exercise in Poland

Russia could INVADE Europe ‘in hours’ Baltic states issue shock warning over Putin’s plans…(Best To Leave Putin Alone!…But, They Won’t…)




 Supreme Court: Puerto Rico can't restructure debt...


Compilation of Bilderberg attendees running from journalists...



Legal Experts Warn: Dems pushing for 'tyrannical' FEC...

Orlando Attack Reality Check: Next Time The Terrorists May Choose To Shoot Up A Church Or A School

Stop Terrorism Hand - Public DomainIslamic terror can strike anywhere.  On Sunday, it was a gay nightclub in Orlando called Pulse, but next time it might be a church or a school.  In fact, it might be your church or your school.  As you will see below, 29-year-old Omar Mateen actually scouted Walt Disney World as a potential target before finally settling on a gay nightclub.  And not too long ago another Islamic terrorist had already made plans to shoot up a very large church in Detroit.  It is high time that we all had a reality check when it comes to Islamic terror.  The terrorists are not limiting themselves to just military and political targets.  Their goal is to create fear and panic, and they want as much media attention on their acts of violence as possible.  So if attacking a church or a school or a theme park will serve their purposes, then that is exactly what they are going to do. (Read More....)
 Russia Is Developing Gliders That "Guarantee Penetration" Of Any Missile Defense System
Zero Hedge - While Russia has already indicated that the deployment of of Iskander missile systems would be one certain response to neutralize the the anti-ballistic missile defense system [European missile defense system (Aegis) by the United States], Russia has wasted no time in developing future responses. Russia's new Yu-74 ultra-maneuverable hypersonic glide vehicles may be the next response that will be unveiled.... those weapons would have a speed between 3,840 mph (Mach 5), and 7,680 mph (Mach 10).... reports say that the gliders are developed to be loaded onto onto Russia's RS-28 Sarmat, the state of the art heavy liquid propelled ICBM which is currently being developed for the Russian Army.... Designed to carry up to 24 nuclear-loaded Yu-74 gliders, each Sarmat ballistic missile will be able to hit any target located within a 6.2 thousand mile radius in one hour. Each glider can be equipped with a nuclear warhead, electronic warfare (EW) applications (disruption of communication systems), or false target simulators. "These features guarantee penetration of any existing and prospective missile defense system of a potential adversary. By adopting such systems, Russia's Strategic Missile Forces will significantly increase their efficiency" said one analyst.
 A Sign of Trouble? What is Behind Soros’s Jump Into Gold
Sputnik News - According to Bloomberg, Soros bought bullish options contracts on 1.05 million shares in the SPDR Gold Trust, which tracks the price of bullion. What’s more, the agency says, the fund took a stake in the world’s biggest producer of the metal, Barrick Gold Corp., worth $264 million at the end of March, the filing showed.... Among the explanations offered by the billionaire to the WSJ, are the gloomy forecasts for the economic and political issues in China and Europe. “China continues to suffer from capital flight and has been depleting its foreign currency reserves while other Asian countries have been accumulating foreign currency,” Soros said in an e-mail to the newspaper.... Soros also argues that “there remains a good chance the European Union will collapse under the weight of the migration crisis, continuing challenges in Greece and a potential exit by the United Kingdom from the EU.” And when such men are starting to worry about their investments and wealth, one could only wonder, what could possibly be going on in the markets?

Senate Dems renew gun control push in wake of Orlando massacre…(MOLAN LABE!!)


 Thousands of red tuna crabs wash up on Mission Beach, San Diego 


 Survival alert

 (NaturalNews) Natural News does not cover politics as a news focus, yet in the wake of the massacre of 50 innocent Americans in Orlando, I feel a strong humanitarian responsibility to warn all Natural News readers about the danger we all now face due to our federal government's runaway incompetence and abandonment of fundamental national security priorities.

Incompetence doesn't even begin to describe it, actually. What is being exhibit today by Obama and the rest of the regime in power is pure psychosis -- a delusional denial of reality that's going to get a whole lot more Americans killed if something doesn't change.

Because of the gross negligence that now dominates the insanely delusional ruling class in Washington, I feel it is crucial that I warn you about what's coming and how you can protect yourself from the WAR that is being waged against America by ISIS. I will return to food science articles in the next day or two, but right now I feel it is my duty to share the following with all Natural News readers out of a sense of public safety and personal survival:

Point #1) ISIS is now at war with America... any "leader" who cannot acknowledge this simple truth must immediately resign or be thrown out of office

The deaths of these 50+ innocent Americans must be credited to the utter incompetence of the Obama administration and the President's bizarre unwillingness to utter the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism." Because he refuses to admit that a radical branch of Islam even exists, he has shut down every effort by other people within the federal government to try to stop such acts of terrorism.

The FBI is currently investigating over 900 ISIS terror threat leads in the United States, covering all 50 states. Yet the Obama administration has systematically shut down federal prosecutions of such groups and silenced whistleblowers who tried to warn that all this was coming.

It's almost as if the Obama administration is actively working for ISIS...

Point #2) Government leaders are utterly incompetent to stop ISIS... and many appear to be actively working on their behalf

On the surface of all this, you might conclude that the leaders of the U.S. federal government (and DHS in particular) are utterly incompetent. Yet if you look more deeply into what's really happening, it's far worse: These people are actively working to promote an ISIS invasion of America.

What we are all witnessing right now is the invasion stage of a massive war being waged against America. The government's open borders policies have allowed ISIS to occupy America with "boots on the ground." Now there are hundreds of active terror cells across America... guess who helped put them there? Your President did. The same President who promised to "fundamentally transform" America.

This is the same President who also handed nuclear weapons capability to Iran in a thinly veiled effort to start a nuclear war in the Middle East, beginning with nuclear attacks on Israel. See this Natural News story for more details.

Point #3) Local police cannot protect you against radical Islamic terrorism, even if they want to

Local cops are over-worked, under-paid and vastly under-appreciated. They try to protect lives while operating in a highly hostile environment of never-ending media accusations and criticism.

Cops are also short-staffed, meaning in any given city, there are barely enough cops on the street to prevent mass chaos and looting on any given day. It only takes one lone wolf terror attack to occupy nearly the entire police power of a major city. Such an act leaves the rest of the city wide open and vulnerable to additional attacks by other terror cells, meaning the police cannot protect you even if they want to.

The solution, of course, is to carry your own concealed firearm if it is legal to do so where you live. If it's not legal to do so in your city or town, move somewhere else where self-defense is legal!

Point #4) The mass influx of illegal immigrants through a wide open border only encourages yet more terror cells to set up bases all across America

At the same time America is being invaded and occupied by an enemy network of terror cells, the utterly incompetent, America-hating nut jobs in Washington insist on keeping the nation's southern border wide open.

This is being done for no other reason than to serve as a Democrat voter recruitment tool, hoping millions of impoverished, desperate illegals will pour into the nation so that Obama can declare them all eligible voters before election day and usher the new criminal-in-chief into office.

The very idea of "no borders" is ludicrous. The White House has borders. The Vatican has borders. Even the democratic national convention has borders. Every secure nation in the world has borders, and those nations which fail to enforce their borders suffer runaway problems with drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal weapons trafficking and an influx of illegal aliens.

But thanks to this policy, ISIS terrorists can now walk right into America and set up shop in every major U.S. city. In fact, they have already done so. Mission accomplished, Obama!

Point #5) At a time when Americans need self-defense the most, the entire political and media establishment is ludicrously trying to argue that all the tools of self-defense should be taken away from law-abiding citizens

The government won't protect you and the local cops can't protect you. So what does Obama and the freedom-hating media want to do about it? They want to take away your right to self-defense.

The gun control agenda is in full force today, all based on the absurd premise that if only innocent, law abiding Americans were all disarmed, somehow terrorists would stop killing their intended targets.

Yeah, it's brain dead stupid. But that's par for the course when it comes to an incompetent, criminal government that hates America (and hates your individual liberties even more).

My advice? If it's legal in your area, arm yourself NOW. A single, well-placed bullet could have halted the entire massacre in Orlando. Unfortunately, nobody was carrying a weapon that could have saved dozens of lives...

Point #6) America's mentally ill culture of unbridled political correctness encourages ISIS terrorism by silencing rational criticism of radical Islam

If you dare criticize Islam these days, you're immediately labeled an intolerant bigot. Apparently, we must all embrace radical Islamic terrorists under a new P.C. regime of "inclusiveness" which also has deep-voiced men wearing wigs and marching into women's restrooms because they "self identify as a woman."

It's all delusional P.C. blabbergook, and like most thinking Americans, I've had enough of the P.C. leftist lunacy in this country that seeks to shut down free speech by calling rational concerns about radical Islam "bigotry" or "intolerance."

The fact is, the same P.C. police on the delusional left who claim to despise violence against gays has pushed a dangerous denial about radical Islam that has now led to the mass murder of gay people. In this particular massacre, the link is a direct one: As Infowars reports in this article, a co-worker of Omar Mateen tried to report his erratic behavior to his employer, but the report was silenced because Mateen was Muslim. Political correctness, in other words, allowed Mateen's mental illness to flourish!

In protecting violent Muslims by silencing criticism under the guise of political correctness, the political left just sold out gays to Islamic terrorism. And even now, we're all being ordered to chant "peace" and "love" and embrace Islam as a "religion of peace" while our gay brothers and sisters are being gunned down in cold blood by an anti-American hater. This is tolerance?

No... it's LUNACY. And I for one won't stay silent as my fellow Americans -- gay or otherwise -- are being murdered in cold blood.

For our mutual survival, I submit that we must REJECT the P.C. lunacy that silences legitimate concerns about Islamic terrorism. It's time we had the backbone to stand up and tell the truth... or we will be slaughtered while people like Obama roll out the red carpet to yet more ISIS terrorists who commit mass murder across America's cities.

Point #7) All places where crowds gather are now targets for radical Islamic extremists

As a practical matter, realize that ISIS terrorists will tend to target large, high-density crowds for their operations (in order to maximize their body count). Obviously, this means that if you want to avoid being killed by ISIS terrorists, you may wish to avoid placing yourself in or near crowded spaces... especially those that are indoors.

Night clubs are one obvious target, and if you look at the Paris attacks from a few months back, they also targeted night clubs. Terrorists like to operate at night because it's easier for them to hide their weapons and explosives. Dark, indoor environments with large crowds and lots of noise are perfect targets for maximum carnage in the minds of sick, evil-minded terrorists.

Notably, this could also include orchestral or theatrical performances in a large auditorium. A huge hall full of 1000+ seated people with a very small number of available exits is a dream come true for a radical Islamic terrorist. All they need is a seat in the balcony and the willingness to kill large numbers of disarmed, helpless people who mistakenly think they are sitting in a "gun free zone." (Hint: There's no such thing. There are only "Victim Disarmament Zones" where the bad guys have all the firepower...)

Theaters, auditoriums, night clubs and even small indoor stadiums are all targets for ISIS. Personally, I strongly suspect some ISIS terror cell might target a televised UFC fight in order to achieve the high publicity factor that comes from the live streaming of their mass murder. (Their goal is terror, after all. The more eyeballs, the more successful they consider the operation...)

If you want to survive this war with radical Islam, don't put yourself in the middle of large crowds. And if you do, make sure you're armed and capable of shooting back if some determined terrorist opens fire on your group. (Your chance of being the FIRST person shot is extremely low... this means you have a very high chance of hearing someone else get shot, giving you time to draw your weapon and prepare to return fire. Remember, just a single well-placed shot could have ended the Orlando massacre...)

Point #8) America will not get serious about national security unless something big changes in Washington

If you want to see things in America continue on the current path, keep voting for the same kind of establishment people who brought us to this point of lunacy in the first place.

But if you want to see a radically different future for this nation -- perhaps one where P.C. idiocy is abandoned and we finally get serious about radical Islam -- then vote for anti-establishment candidates.

If the voters keep putting the very same people into office who right now deny the existence of radical Islam, this whole situation is going to get far, far worse. Remember: There are consequences for denial.

Point #9) Being "tolerant" should not involve being insanely STUPID

The political left's demands for "tolerance" have reached the point of insane stupidity. Being "tolerant" should not require us all to be so incredibly stupid that we don't point out the very real pattern of terrorism taking place right in front of us.

Now, the left's "tolerance" is a cover for terrorists who target gays. So "tolerance" promotes violence against gays at a far worse level than all the so-called "gay bashers" in the history of gay bashing.

This is the price we all pay for P.C. lunacy and the power we reluctantly grant the tolerati -- the sniveling nitwit generation snowflake f--ktards who demand we limit our thoughts and speech to those few topics they consider to be acceptable. Meanwhile, our gay brothers are being gunned down and the entire leftist media still cannot find the honesty to utter the word "Islam".

It's a mental disorder, I tell you. There is mass mental illness in the P.C. culture, and it's now costing us dearly in suffering and blood. The deaths of these innocents in Orlando is a direct result of P.C. lunacy and mentally ill denials of reality.

It's time to speak out, tell the truth, acknowledge reality and get serious about protecting America again.

Learn more at

Health Ranger issues 9-point survival alert for all awakened Americans: ISIS now at war with America... P.C. culture of denial resulting in mass bloodshed



Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary's Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims



Coal Production Collapses To 35-Year Low





German 10-year sovereign bond yields turn negative for first time


 Confidence in newspapers, TV news hits bottom...


London Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements...





Oakland police sex scandal spreads to other departments...

'A lot knew I was underage'...



Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary's Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims


 Lou Dobbs – Obama’s 'Accept Terrorism' PSYOP Against America

By Brandon Turbeville
A new local controversy is brewing in South Florida surrounding yet another instance of local governments imposing fines on residents and persecuting them over maintaining gardens on their property.
After living in Miami Shores for 17 years, and growing vegetables in their front yard for the same amount of time, Tom Carroll and Hermine Ricketts were forced to dig up the garden in front of their home in 2014 when they were threatened by town officials with $50 a day fines if they did not. The threat of fines came only a few months after the Miami Shores Village Council passed a new zoning plan meaning that low-level bureaucrats wasted no time in fanning out amongst residential areas to uproot violators.
The couple is now suing on grounds that the ban on front yard gardens violates the Florida Constitution by imposing improper limits on private property rights as well as violating the equal protection clause. The couple is being represented by lawyers with Institute for Justice, a Libertarian non-profit organization that focuses on free speech and property rights among other issues.
See: City Forces Family To Destroy Their Vegetable Garden
Attorney Ari Bargil told circuit judge Monica Gordo, “were not saying you can do anything you want on your property, we are simply saying you can grow vegetables on your property and that is protected by the constitution.”

 FL Attorney Says Growing Vegetables Not A Fundamental Right:A new local controversy is brewing in South Florida surrounding yet another instance of local governments imposing fines on residents and persecuting them over maintaining gardens on their proper
  Prominent NY Holistic Doctor Found Dead of Alleged Suicide
This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at The Organic Prepper
When the US government steps outside of the apple pie and baseball narrative of the American dream and issues warnings to prep, you’d better pay strict attention and start upping your preparedness game.  (Whether you believe that the threat to prep for is manufactured to engineer consent or not is, while an interesting debate, entirely beside the point of this article.)
The US government, much like the ones in Venezuela and Greece, likes to paint a rosy picture of life in our country, often to the point that those who are awake are incredulous that others accept the propaganda.  Sort of like when Obama said that anyone who claimed there was something wrong with the US economy was a peddler of fiction.  Or when Venezuelan President Maduro said last year that they were merely being environmentally friendly when they began rationing electricity.
But what does it mean when that rosy picture gets a huge rip down the center? Particularly when the rip comes straight from the government, whose usual job it is to photoshop the rips so no one sees them?
I can give you a recent example.  Remember how President Maduro said there was no food shortage for the longest time? Then suddenly, he announced that the country was out of food (as though the crisis hadn’t been building all along) and recommended that folks grow veggies and raise chickens on their balconies.  And then, all hell broke loose.  The country is out of positively everything and what is available is dramatically hyperinflated. (A dozen eggs for $150, anyone?)
Obama issued the first of 2 warnings to prep.
Most of us are well aware that when disaster strikes, we’re on our own. That has been proven in disaster after disaster, like when it took days to get aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.  But usually, the government likes to downplay the need for independence.  When they begin telling people to get ready, you’d better be sure that you are, because that means they know – absolutely know – that they won’t have the resources to aid those in need.
First, President Obama stepped away from the golf course to address FEMA at the end of May. Here, from the White House website, is an excerpt from his speech (the emphasis is mine):
One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster.  And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit.  If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait.
And so one of the biggest, most important messages that we’re going to be delivering throughout hurricane season is that you cannot judge the dangerousness of a hurricane based on the fact that in the past it dissipated or it missed you.  If your local authorities say that you need to start evacuating, you need to start evacuating and get it done…
…And what we’ve been seeing is some public complacency slipping in; a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not having evacuation plans… If you need information about how to put together an evacuation plan, how to put together a disaster preparedness kit, as Craig said, we’ve got an app for everything now.  We have a FEMA app in English and in Spanish to help you prepare your family for a disaster.  You can update the National Weather Service alerts.  You can get safety tips for more than 20 kinds of hazards.  It provides you directions to nearby shelters.
So I would encourage every American, no matter where you live, to stay vigilant, to check — I will repeat that — that is — check that regularly to make sure your family is prepared for severe weather.
As Michael Snyder pointed out on his website, The Economic Collapse Blog, Obama seems to really be pushing the idea of a FEMA camp.
One more thing that I found particularly noteworthy about Obama’s speech was that he said that there is now “a FEMA app” that can direct you to the nearest “FEMA shelter” in the event of a major emergency…
…Could you envision yourself and your family having to take refuge in a “FEMA shelter” someday?
Once you enter the gates to Camp FEMA, you must understand that you’re completely under their control. When you eat, where you sleep, and how often you shower will all be regulated. Gee. It kind of sounds like prison, doesn’t it?  (For a look at what life in a FEMA camp might be like, check out A. American’s book, Forsaking Home.  Yes, it’s fiction, but not outside the realm of possibility.)
Obama’s statements were all couched in a speech that coincides with hurricane season. On its own, this wouldn’t be a huge deal.
Now the DHS  has followed with a warning about potential evacuations in DC.
It’s no surprise that the nation’s capital is a prime target for terrorist attacks. The DC public transit system known as “the Metro” began it’s year-long Safe Track program, performing repairs on the aging infrastructure. While the repairs are much needed, the commuter congestion wrought by the changes in service have brought to light the very real issues that would occur in the event of a rapid evacuation of the city.
DC’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Command Center is very concerned. After Safe Track began last week, they started monitoring commuter transit and determined that “If a natural disaster or terrorist attack occurred in the city, evacuation routes would face a crush of vehicles.”  Well, we all know that’s obviously the way it happens during an evacuation. Remember the Hurricane Rita traffic jam back in 2005? Out of 113 deaths attributed to the hurricane, 107 were associated with the evacuation, where people perished of heat strokes, a bus fire, and the exacerbation of chronic health issues.
So although evacuation is always a nightmare, the limited Metro service could elevate that to crisis proportions. DC Homeland Security Director Christopher Geldart has issued a warning to residents (again, the emphasis is mine):
Everyone needs to dust off their evacuation plans, understanding Metro isn’t a reliable option over the next year.
“When we put more vehicles on the road– like an emergency happening in the middle of the day and everybody leaving at the same time– that’s going to cause backup and it’s going to take people a good time to get home,” Geldart said. “It will take longer– much longer– than they are used to. So what we’re telling folks is, you need to have a plan with your family.”
The reasons behind these warnings to prep are nothing new, but….
Does the government know something that we don’t? Is there something big coming down the pipe? Something so big that the government isn’t going to be able to manage the crisis to their own advantage? Are they washing their hands of the responsibility they willingly took on when they created organizations like FEMA to “take care” of citizens?
While the reasons behind these warnings are the backbone of every good prepper’s philosophy, the fact that the government is issuing them is rather worrisome.  It belies the “nothing to see here” philosophy that is the usual trademark and puts the ball firmly in the court of the US citizens.
Any prepper worth his or her roll of tinfoil has to immediately think that something is up when these types of warnings come out of the mouths of those who normally act like we’re enemies of the state. But here’s where a significant issue lies.
Maybe they know something is coming. Maybe they’ve organized what’s coming as a way to take greater control. But in the midst of the crisis, it doesn’t actually matter how the crisis got started. You just have to survive it. While the thought that our own government could have been responsible for some of the most heinous acts ever committed on American soil is disturbing at the very least, if you find yourself caught up in a terrorist attack,  my opinions on the culprit don’t matter and neither do yours. All that matters in those minutes,  hours, or the days of the aftermath, is surviving.
It doesn’t honestly matter HOW it happens. Whether it is an enemy attack, as in the novel One Second After, a government false flag in order to institute martial law, or a natural act, when a disaster strikes, what matters is your readiness to deal with it.
So what should we take from these warnings?
It’s imperative that you respond when the nanny government issues warnings to prep, but not from  a place of fear.
You should respond by getting prepared. Not in the government-recommended “3 days of supplies” kind of way, either.  That’s for lightweights.
Ask yourself the following questions, and don’t just gloss over the answers, because these could potentially be matters of life and death.
  1. Do you have enough food and water to care for your family for a month with no trips to the store?
  2. Do you have a back-up sanitation plan in the event that you don’t have running water in your home for an extended period of time?
  3. Do you have a route if your area were to face a mandatory evacuation? Do you have a back-up route? Do you have a route that you could take if all of the main thoroughfares were gridlocked?
  4. Do you have a plan for grabbing what you need if you had to leave your home in 15 minutes from this very second?
  5. Do you have an emergency water filtration system? A secondary source of water?
  6. Are you prepared for a power outage lasting up to a month? Could you cook? Stay warm or cool?
  7. Do you have a plan for meeting up with family if a disaster strikes when you are separated? What if communication is down? What if you are away from home and need to get home?
  8. Are you fit enough to leave home on foot, carrying what you need to survive?
  9. Do you have family members with special needs or health concerns? If so, have you prepped to take care of these needs if you have no power and can’t get to the store or pharmacy?
  10. In a situation of civil unrest due to a lack of supplies, could you keep your home and family safe? Could you take care of medical emergencies on your own if no one was answering the phone when you dialed 911?
How did you do? Could you say yes to every question or do you have some work to do?
If you can’t answer yes to every single question above, you’re not prepared.
The scenarios above aren’t even the worst that a prepper could dream up. They’re all short-term emergencies of a month or less, and every single one of them is realistic. I can cite a recent event for each and every one of them during which people most likely wished they’d paid more attention and planned ahead.
If you can’t say yes to those questions, don’t despair. Don’t feel hopeless.
Here’s what you can do.
You can get started right now. You can get prepped.  Even if your budget is tight, if your family is not on board, or if you are assailed with doubts. You can get ready for not only possible, but likely occurrences.
Don’t start out prepping for a 30-year nuclear winter or other outrageous Doomsday Prepper-style scenario. Start out with the things that are the most realistic. Look at the bad things going on in the world today and prepare for those. Start out with a week of preps and an evacuation plan and build up from there.
  • The annual hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes that hit the US
  • The likelihood of civil unrest in our volatile society
  • The possibility of a tainted municipal water supply
  • A personal economic crisis, like an unexpected expense or a job loss
  • A national economic collapse, like the one in Venezuela
  • A horrifying crime wave like the one in Europe due to clashes between Europeans and migrants
None of these events is unlikely. In fact, they’re all happening right now. Some in our own neighborhood. Some in other countries. But they’re all happening.
Start out with a week of preps and an evacuation plan and build up from there. Get a good comprehensive book, stock up on some long-term emergency food, create a water plan, and build a pantry.
Or, if you are really, really motivated and ready to up your game, make a genuine, accountable commitment to it.  Take a course like the one I’m teaching with Lisa Bedford (aka the Survival Mom).  I can promise you that if you follow all of the guidelines in the Summer Prepping Intensive, you will absolutely be able to say yes to each of the questions above.
Whatever you do, don’t be paralyzed by fear. Don’t just blithely do nothing and figure it will all work out.
You have a responsibility to yourself and the ones you love to heed the warnings, watch the signs, and prepare accordingly.
Are you ready yet?

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