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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Now 'Conservatives' Are Twisting Scripture//Creepy RFID Commercials//South Hall farmers lose cattle to mysterious mutilations

=Muslims Flock to See 'Miracle Baby' - Thousands of Muslims have been traveling to a remote town in a war-torn region of southern Russian hoping to see verses from Islam's holy book appear on the skin of a "miracle baby."

=Ezekiel 38: From My Point of View We're on the Threshold.
=Now 'Conservatives' Are Twisting Scripture - By Joseph Farah - For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book - Revelation 22:18I've seen some incredibly stupid and misguided initiatives by "conservatives" in my day, but this one takes the cake.Because the Bible has been rewritten to conform with the agenda of "liberals," a self-described "conservative" is spearheading an effort to rewrite it to his liking.If you think I'm joking, read on.Andy Schlafly, the son of the heroic Phyllis Schlafly, has begun the Conservative Bible Project, an effort to rewrite the Bible to the tastes of conservatives online, Wikipedia-style.
=Sunstein urges: Abolish marriage - The U.S. government should abolish its sanctioning of marriage, argued Cass Sunstein, President Obama's regulatory czar.

=Alien Technology(R) Announces Next Generation EMEA Gen 2 Radio Frequency Identification Reader


=Creepy RFID Commercials

=#2-------------------- - RFID Chip Commercial

=Here Come The Shape-Shifting Robots - You really have to see it to believe it, though (demo begins at 1:50):

=Recognizing the 8 Signs of Terrorism - The CELL

=Air Force BugbotsMicro Air Vehicle (MAVs) buglike drones

=Tom Horn on Prophecy in the News - Part 1-Bible scholars Dr. J.R. Church and Gary Stearman recently invited Dr. Thomas Horn on their syndicated Prophecy in the News television show to discuss the ramifications of his new book -- Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers
=FROM JEROME CORSI'S RED ALERTWorldNetDaily ExclusiveIt's official! U.S. government is bankrupt 'It's only a matter of time before the public realizes it'
=Parents Sell Virgins Aged 12 For SexBritish virgin girls as young as 12 are being sold to mega-rich Arabs for sex at up to £50,000 a time. Parents force the schoolgirls into prostitution and then sell them to millionaire paedophiles.
Obama's Safe Schools Czar Says Teach Respect for Homosexuality in KindergartenThe Obama administration's safe schools czar, Kevin Jennings, has accused the Baptists, the Boy Scouts and sports fans of anti-gay bias, and he has advocated a special high school for gay teens as well as gay-straight alliance clubs for every high school in America.
Ezekiel 38: From My Point of View We're on the Threshold.- I haven't BLOGGED about this in a while, but it appears to me that we are on the threshold of a military conflict in the Middle East.
READY TO REVOLT: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States
The Oath Keepers hope to prevent cities from becoming "giant concentration camps"...
Sticker shock at the supermarket: Prices poised to rise -- If there's any silver lining to a recession -- albeit a thin one -- it's that consumer prices typically go down. Make no mistake, deflation is a sign of a sick economy, but at least the net effect of cheaper prices for the basic necessities -- food, clothing and shelter -- helps folks get by when they are struggling to make ends meet.
Cut yourself? Sprinkling sugar on the wound could help it heal faster
Capsaicin could stop a heart attack in progress, scientists find -- The researchers found an amazing 85 percent reduction in cardiac cell death when capsaicin was used. This is the most powerful cardioprotective effect ever recorded, according to Keith Jones, PhD, a researcher in the UC department of pharmacology and cell biophysics./
Does your boss want you dead? -- Right now, your company could have a life insurance policy on you that you know nothing about. When you die -- perhaps years after you leave your employer -- the tax-free proceeds from this policy wouldn't go to your family. The money would go to the company.
Vitamin D may save you from swine flu -- People still don't get it: Vitamin D is the "miracle nutrient" that activates your immune system to defend you against invading microorganisms -- including seasonal flu and swine flu.
Red Bull drink=slow death? -- RED BULL was created to stimulate the brains in people who are subjected to great
physical force and in stress coma and never to be consumed like an innocent drink or soda pop.
"On the Record" went inside the secretive country with Reverend Franklin Graham and his humanitarian group Samaritan's Purse. 'On the Record' Goes Inside North Korea
Arizona sheriff conducts migrant sweeps despite curbAn Arizona sheriff known for cracking down on undocumented migrants is conducting an immigration and crime sweep around Phoenix, less than a day after federal authorities curbed his powers to make immigration arrests. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio dispatched deputies on a two-day "crime suppression" operation in the western Phoenix valley on Friday, stopping and arresting at least eight people for minor offenses who could not prove that they were in Arizona legally. Arpaio, whose sweeps have led to allegations of racial profiling, said he is carrying out the operations under Arizona state laws targeting smugglers and another federal law he says allows him to detain illegal
Chandler firefighters refuse H1N1 vaccineAbout three-quarters of Chandler firefighters eligible to receive doses from an early batch of the H1N1 flu vaccine have refused it, according to fire department officials. Most of the 200 doses allocated to the department's roughly equal number of emergency responders likely will be returned to Maricopa County health officials for redistribution to medical professionals likely to encounter cases of the virus, said Marc Walker, a fire department spokesman. Only about 50 Chandler firefighters volunteered Wednesday and Thursday to receive a nasal mist containing a weakened form of the virus, said Donna Pierce, a Chandler Fire Department captain who traveled around to several city fire stations to administer the vaccine. Many of those who volunteered for the vaccine said it was because they have young children to whom they didn't want to spread a possible infection.
=Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard's Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act is Signed into LawCongresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34) announced today the signing into law of legislation she authored to eliminate preventable newborn deaths and severe disabilities through the increased use of comprehensive and standardized newborn screening tests.
Sailors take aim at new recruiting sloganhe Navy's new recruiting slogan, "America's Navy: A global force for good," was designed from the outset to motivate existing sailors as much as to entice young people to enlist.
Britain will starve without GM crops, says reportA new row over genetically modified foods being introduced into our shops has broken out after a Royal Society report recommended GM crops should be grown in Britain.
Invincible Chairman of "We The People" Foundation for Constitutional Education, BOB SCHULZ takes the next step to end and reverse the violations to The Constitution of the United States and to restore constitutional governance. Bob Schulz says that the government ignores the right to redress as well as the people and that we have an individual right to a government that does not impose tax on our labor. He states that as a country, we have 14 years of documentation on the violations made by the government on the constitution which have been served to the government officials and have been met with silence. Bob speaks with us about the upcoming Continental Congress 2009 and stresses to us that CC2009 IS NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. THIS PROCESS IS TO RESTORE OBEDIENCE TO OUR CONSTITUTION AS IT IS. We need everyone's support so please visit for more information.
CC2009 DATES: November 8 - 22, 2009 LOCATION: Pheasant Run Conference Center; St. Charles, IL
Is alternative to dollar in works?Plan for 'Special Drawing Rights' creates competition for reserve currency
=Extinct animals could be brought back to life thanks to advances in DNA technology
Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park film may have been pure science fiction - but extinct creatures such as Neanderthals to Sabre-toothed tigers could soon be brought back to life thanks to advances in DNA technology.
In the Shadow of Leviathan: Americas' Arising Fear-Based Society
The Truth about Banks and Dogs
A Sea of Lies
Job Market Lands More Grads Back at Home
Unemployment Getting Much Worse in 43 States
7,000 Unemployed Americans Lose Their Lifeline Every Day
BHP’s Argus Sees ‘Unprecedented Growth’ for Minerals
In the Shadow of Leviathan: Americas' Arising Fear-Based Society
Unprecedented: White House Tries to Ban Fox from Press Pool
Don't Talk to the Police – video
Sunstein Urges: Abolish Marriage
Congress Passes 'Pedophile Protection Act'
F-16 Jettisons Bombs at Hill AFB; No Injuries
Russia Violating Treaty, Developing Missile
How the City Hurts Your Brain
FDA, FTC Threaten Dr. Weil Over Immune-Boosting Supplements for H1N1 Swine Flu
British Nuclear Expert Falls 120ft to His Death in Vienna
Secret Files Reveal Covert Network Run by Nuclear Police
Nozette and Nuclear Rocketry
UFO Alert: Police Officer Sees Aliens at Crop Circle
Astrogeologists Discover Shallow Caves That Could Provide Shelter for Life on Mars
FCC to Draft Net Neutrality Rules, Taking Step Toward Web Regulation
Bill Making Violence Against Gays a Hate Crime Headed to White House
Hate Crimes Bill Heads to Obama for Signature – video
White House Loses Bid to Exclude Fox News from Pay Czar Interview
Fed Hits Banks with Sweeping Pay Limits
Obama Calls for Passage of Climate Bill
Half of Americans Do Not Believe in Global Warming
Obama Sees Worst Poll Rating Drop in 50 Years
Yahoo's 1-Question Poll on Obama's Performance – vote
White House Official’s Praise for Mao--Whose Policies Led to Death of 65 Million--Was ‘Pathetic,’ Says China Expert
AIrliner Overshoots Airport; Controllers Feared Hijacking
Americrooks: The Volunteerism Scandal Hollywood Won’t Be Broadcasting
Doctors May 'Fire' Parents Who Don't Vaccinate Children
Frustration Looms as H1N1 Vaccines Run Out
Cheerleader Gets Flu Shot & Now She Can Only Walk Backwards – video
New Doubts Over Iran Nuclear Deal
Israel Anxious Over Iran Nuclear Deal
Livni: Iranian Agreement Another Attempt to Buy Time
NKorean Nuke Program Has 20 Sites, 3,000 Workers, South Says
Warning Over NKorea 'Threat'
Russia Violating Treaty, Developing Missile
Russia-China Relations Reaching New Highs
Turkey Seeks Restoration of Ottoman Empire
Explosion Rocks Gas Facility in Puerto Rico
6.2 Quake Jolts Pakistan-Afghanistan
Mag. 6.0 Quake Panics Indonesian Province
3 Earthquakes Strike Near The Geysers, Calif. Thursday Night
North Escambia Area’s Significant Earthquake; Could It Happen Again?
Argus Bird Can Sense Earthquakes
Fungus Pushing Frogs Toward Extinction
Poll: Most Pet Owners Would Give 'Mouth-to-Snout' CPR

Ever Wonder Why There was a Big Push to Get GPS Readings at Your Front Door?
Obama's Media Intimidation Works!
The American Self Immolation, Truly a Sight to See
United Nations Launches Investigation of Human Rights Abuses in the United States
Who Should Fear Russia’s New Military Doctrine?
Obama Declares Swine Flu a National Emergency
CBS Reveals that Swine Flu Cases Seriously Overestimated
The Swine Flu (aka 'H1N1) That's Not a Flu at All
How to Be a Swine Flu Vaccine Zealot (Satire)
Pension Funds to Buy Gold as Insurance, McGuire Says
Peter Schiff Issues Red Alert: "Get Out of the US Dollar" – video
Strong Quake Hits Eastern Indonesia, Causes Panic
High-Rise Quake Shake Horror
"Very Long Period Tremors" Studied at Kilauea Volcano – video
Mayon Volcano Still Restive
Worlds Largest Pyramid Discovered - Lost Mayan City of Mirador
More Than Junk Science
George Clooney's Men Who Stare at Goats 'Based on Real US Army Experiments'
Darwin’s Robots
An Input/Output Device for the Brain - Made of Light, Algae, and Bacteria

Vast Magma Pool Could Fuel 3 Washington Volcanoes
Study: Fault Line Under Seattle Bigger Than Thought
"Rosetta Stone" of Supervolcanoes Discovered in Italian Alps
Supervolcano with Twisted Innards Found in Italy
"Very Long Period Tremors" Studied at Kilauea Volcano – video
Kilauea Sends Flow Over Road But Stalls
3 More Earthquakes Rock Penn.
First US Tsunami Shelter Planned as Earthquake Looms
Fiery 'Meteor' Creates 50-Foot Crater in Latvia
California Fire Prompts Mandatory Evacuations
Australia Faces Famine, Expert Warns
Obama's H1N1 National Emergency Declaration Could Invoke FEMA Response to Pandemic
Swine Flu Cases Overestimated?
Experts Try to Quell Vaccine Fears
Squalene: The Swine Flu Vaccine’s Dirty Little Secret Exposed
WHO Advisory on Squalene-based Adjuvants in Vaccines
8 Infected with Rare Form of Typhus Near Los Angeles
Why Doctors are Worried about Impending Health Care Reform
Armageddon Time
Qom is Not Iran's Only Hidden Nuclear Plant
Israel Eyes Attacking Iran Over Nuclear Program
India Concerned about Pak Nukes Falling into Wrong Hands
U.S. Tested Afghan Options in Secret War Game
14 Americans Killed in 2 Helicopter Crashes
Baghdad Bombings Death Toll Rises to 155
EU “Foreign-Policy Giant”
More Companies Plan to Hire Rather Than Cut Workers
Peter Schiff Issues Red Alert: "Get Out of the US Dollar" – video
Secret Service Strained as Leaders Face More Threats
Ever-Present Surveillance Rankles the British Public
UK Census: 2011 Survey Will Ask for Personal Data of All 'Overnight Visitors'
Atlanta Seeks to Add 500 Surveillance Cameras
Obama Offers Millions in Muslim Technology Fund
Windows 7 Security May Leave PCs Vulnerable to Attacks

Coming in December: World Government
Spotter Cards: What They Look Like and How They Work
Mind Your Tweets: CIA and European Union Building Social Networking Surveillance System
Updates on Hardin, Montana, and China Flag Flap
America Filling up with Dumb People: Chaos of Illiteracy
Mother of all False Flags
The Ominous "Success" of Re-Education
Grassroots Rebellion Picking up Steam
Obama Risks a Domestic Military 'Intervention'
Pool of Magma May Feed 3 Washington Volcanoes
Australia Faces Famine, Expert Warns
Environmental Facts the Greens Will Never Mention
'Freezer Plan' Bid to Save Coral
The Super Rich are Laughing
The Media Death Spiral
Gates Gets Grumpy in Tokyo
Rich 'May Evolve into Separate Species'
Magic Inscription of Lilith Found on Human Skull: A Halloween Story of the Evil Eye.
Army Develops Helmet-Mounted Radar to Watch Soldiers’ Backs
Glasses to Project Images Directly Into Retina Terminator Style

The Video They Don't Want You to See
Internet Unable to Handle H1N1 Web Traffic: GAO
Internet Could Get Clogged During Flu Pandemic
H1N1 Flu Pushes Hospitals 'to Their Limit' Across USA
Canadians Wait 3 Hours for H1N1 Shots
Obama Putting $3.4B Toward 'Smart' Power Grid
Mind Your Tweets: The CIA Social Networking Surveillance System
Coming in December: World Government
EU's Lisbon Treaty Hanging on Czech Court
First U.S. Official Resigns Over Afghan War
U.S. Military Says 8 American Troops Killed in Bombing Attacks in Afghanistan
Two Chicago Men Arrested for Alleged Terror Plots Overseas
America Moving from Kingdom of Cash to Socialism
America’s Obama Obsession: Anatomy of a Passing Hysteria
Poll: Conservatives Most Dominant Political Group Among Americans
No Guarantees on Senate Bill's 'Public Plan'
Deja Vu! Russians Arm Cuba's Military
The Dissident Who Came in from the Cold
Kremlin Warns Against Wrecking Russia with Democracy
Asteroid Explodes Over Indonesia with Force of 3 Hiroshimas
'Meteorite' that Landed in Latvia is a Hoax
Pirates Seize UK Yacht Couple
Israeli Urgently Orders 2 Stealth Corvettes from Germany
Preparing for Service in the Rebuilt Temple
Giant 'Sea Monster' Skull Found in England

Spanish Flu : Born Again Bioweapon?
Has Baxter International Released a Biological Weapon?
Do Seasonal Flu Shots Impede Little Kids' Ability to Fight Off Pandemic Flu?
Iceland Swarm of the Week 200+ Quakes – Steve Note: These quakes don't bode well for Canary Islands/East Coast USA
Columbian Volcano – Steve Note: This is the anti-pode for Anak Krakatau
Plasma Volcanoes
Winter Crisis Could See UK 'Run Out of Gas in Hours'
CIT Failure to Leave Small Businesses Floundering
The 10 Largest U.S. Bankruptcies
Bohemian Grove Exposed
The Idiot Twins of American Idealism
Retreat Security: I Am Your Worst Nightmare
The Muslim Mafia in America
Why Pakistanis See US as the Bigger Threat
More Missiles Across Strait
Turkey Flirts with Tehran
India is Preparing for Possible War with China and Pakistan
Another Horse Found Slaughtered in Fla.
Second Chance for Large Hadron Collider to Deliver Universe's Secrets
Feds’ Smart Grid Race Leaves Cybersecurity in the Dust

The Lurking Food Crisis
Illinois Corn Harvest Slowest in 42 Years
Alabama's Crops Are in Trouble, Ag Commissioner
Iowa Facing Latest Corn Harvest in Decades
Illinois Soybean, Corn Harvests at Record Lows
Nebraska Crop Waits for Sun to Dry Fields
Wet Weather Continues to Hinder Iowa Harvest
Tennessee Harvesters Race to Beat River Flood Threats
Cool, Wet Weather Slows Kansas Wheat Planting
Weather Delays Wisconsin Corn, Soybean Harvest
Sunlight: The New Wave of Terror
Late Harvest Sows Problems for Farmers
Farmers Fight Climate Bill, But Warming Spells Trouble for Them
U.S. Inflation to Appear Next in Food and Agriculture
Losing our Food Freedom
Tainted Beef Linked to 2 Deaths?
Depression Link to Processed Food
4.0 Earthquake Strikes U.S.-Mexico Border
1 of 3 Minor Quakes in East Tennessee Prompts Calls to USGS
Earthquake Injures 28 in China
Iranian Capital to be Moved from Teheran Due to Earthquake Fears
One Good Shake Leads to Another
Scotland Battered By Flash Floods, Torrential Rain
4th Typhoon Hits Philippines, Leaves 20 Dead
Atlantic Hurricane Season Slowest Since 1997
Russia 'Simulates' Nuclear Attack on Poland
Russian General Says Poland a Nuclear 'Target' – flashback
Nuclear Expert's Death Plunge 'Not Suicide'
Panic in Ukraine, Authorities Deny Aircraft are Spraying Aerosols Over Cities, Martial Law Expected
The Con Goes On and On: Iran Dupes World with Nuclear Three Card Monte
Ahmadinejad: We Now Deal with West from a Position of Power
Iran, Turkey Aim for $20 Billion Trade by 2011
400,000 Names on FBI Terror Watch List
A Warning from a Naval Aviator
Last Round of Climate Talks Open Before Copenhagen
Lord Monckton's Debut on Breitbart.TV Puts Another Nail in Copenhagen's Coffin
Glenn Beck Interviews Lord Monckton on Climate Treaty Part 1, Part 2 – videos
Obamacare Threatens U.S. Medical Education System
China Drywall Emits Gas; No Tie to Illness, U.S. Says
Getting Radical
The Fruits of Intervention (this might be better titled "War in Hindsight")
NSA to Build $1.5 Billion Cybersecurity Data Center
Web Could Run Out of Addresses Next Year, Warn Experts
Soon, the Biggest Thing Since WWW
Japanese Fishing Trawler Sunk by Giant Jellyfish

=Fatima: The new Movie. is Deception -
1. No one ever tested the spirit that appeared to the three children. This would have been very easy to do, just by asking the simple question, "Did Jesus come in the flesh?" Apparently this simple question drives the demons nuts and they can't answer it, as they lie habitually. They usually tap dance around saying things like, "yes, He did, and he is also our brother." Jesus is not the brother of the angels, good or fallen. Why didn't anyone test the spirit of what was manifesting to the children?
=Will 'Antichrist' Come To Your Neighborhood?Already dubbed "the most horrific movie ever seen" for explicit and pornographic sadomasochism, violence and occult content, the film "Antichrist" is not yet rated, but when it is, the rating it gets could determine whether or not it's seen in your local theater - "Coming to your local theater Oct. 23 is a movie that I can only call the most horrific movie ever seen," writes Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide and chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission. "It's called 'Antichrist,' and it's filled with a wicked worldview, vile pornographic scenes, onscreen mutilation of private parts and some other material which I simply cannot describe to you in a family publication.

=UFO alert: police officer sees aliens at crop circle - A police officer contacted British UFO experts after seeing three aliens examining a freshly made crop circle near Avebury, Wiltshire. Update from in May 2009
=UFOs: Disclosure is coming. What Will You Believe? - Please take a moment and watch this video. It is one of the best compilations of professionals coming forward discussing the disclosure of UFOs, and the extraterrestrial presence. It speaks of a new world, a paradigm shift, a melt down, and when they, the UFOs reveal themselves it will blow peoples minds. Gee, you think? At the end of the video the V.O. is saying. "that there is no darkness, no negativity left to hide in and that light is truth and that's where we're headed." Let's light a candle and sing Cum-by-ya. -- I keep harping on this because we need to understand that disclosure is coming and when it hits, it will be too late to form an opinion, as to what the phenomena is. Whether it is benevolent or malevolent. Whether it is deception or deliverance. The media will tell us what to believe and our president will announce that most of the aliens are friendly. I BLOGGED yesterday about Rael and what his followers believe. They're completely in step with the Coming Great Deception. - Posted by l a marzulli on October 23, 2009


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