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Monday, November 2, 2009

Fireballs in the sky: Is this a bible prophecy?//food crops in peril//Bahrain parliament votes to penalize contacts with Israel

=Extremely bright fireball seen over the Netherlands
=Asteroid Explodes Over Indonesia with Force of 3 Hiroshimas + video

=Colombia volcano rumbles back to life
=Giant Crack in Africa Will Create a New Ocean A 35-mile rift in the desert of Ethiopia will likely become a new ocean eventually, researchers now confirm. — LiveScience

=food crops in peril - Crop conditions are rapidly deteriorating. The USDA weather service at Stoneville, Miss. reports that October has seen the second highest level of rainfall ever recorded (record was set in 1941). The rainy conditions came in on a crop that was already late. The lateness of the crop was due to a combination of factors; wet weather at planting, cooler than normal temperatures in August and very low levels of sunlight in August as well.


=Enslaving the human race with microchip technology
Obama's H1N1 National Emergency declaration could invoke FEMA response to pandemic
by Mike Adams
("For the first time in this whole pandemic situation, I'm concerned. Not due to the virus itself, because that's a mild virus that presents no real threat to the population at large. I'm concerned about what we don't know might be going on behind the scenes here." )
Do Not take the H1N1 vaccine until you have read these real life horror stories
WHO memos from 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a form of killing
Nurses Got Sick From the Swine Flu Vaccine in Sweden -- UPDATE -- 190 Adverse Reactions 1 Suspected Death.
Capmark Financial files for bankruptcy -- Capmark Financial, one of America's biggest commercial property lenders, filed for Chapter 11
bankruptcy protection on Sunday night after being hit by souring loans. The firm which was formerly GMAC's commercial real estate business (Or GMAC Commercial Holding Ccapital Markets Corp in short), and had originated over $10 billion in CRE loans.
9 more U.S. banks fail; $2.5 billion hit for FDIC fundNine banks, all owned by the same troubled Illinois holding company, were closed Friday by regulators, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said U.S. Bank of Minneapolis would assume their deposits.
US Admiral Concerned About China Military Buildup
States Warned on Plague Locusts- QUEENSLAND is facing a threat of biblical proportions as Australian plague locusts mass on the border with NSW.
No Child Left Unimmunized: A Plan to Turn Every School in America into H1N1 Vaccine Clinic
CIT Group files for US bankruptcyThe US lender, CIT Group, has filed for bankruptcy protection,
Breaking News: Shots Fired At Home Of CNN Reporter Lou DobbsWe have just learned that someone has fired a gun at the home of Lou Dobbs, with his wife just a few feet away from the incident. The gunfire followed a series of threatening phone calls.
Polk County judge orders beef rancher to register premisesA Polk County judge has found a cattle rancher guilty in the state's second case of a farmer refusing to register a livestock premises.
Sting: Obama is 'sent from God' Pop singer: 'We are here to evolve as 1 family, and we can't be separate anymore'--WND-British recording artist Sting says President Barack Obama could be the answer to the world's problems - the divine answer.
'The PA is Taking Over Jerusalem'The Palestinian Authority is taking control of eastern Jerusalem, warns Jerusalem city councilman Yakir Segev. In an interview with Arutz-7's Hebrew news service, Segev said, Today there is no real Israeli sovereignty in eastern Jerusalem.
Ban Ki-moon: Jerusalem Must Be CapitalJerusalem must be the capital of two States" Israel and Palestine" living side-by-side in peace and security, with arrangements for the holy sites acceptable to all, if peace in the Middle East is to be achieved, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned today.
Saudi court upholds child rapist crucifixion rulingA Saudi court of cassation upheld a ruling to behead and crucify a 22-year-old man convicted of raping five children and leaving one of them to die in the desert, newspapers reported on Tuesday.
Japanese fishing trawler sunk by giant jellyfish The trawler, the Diasan Shinsho-maru, capsized off Chiba as its three-man crew was trying to haul in a net.
Capitol to be filled with livid AmericansCitizens return to D.C. to warn Congress, 'Keep your hands off my health care' - Lawmakers are calling on Americans to storm
the Capitol on Thursday in an "Emergency House Call on Congress" to stop the House from passing the Democrats' health-care bill this week.

Russia 'Simulates' Nuclear Attack on Poland
Some Ground Truth--The "Us" and the "Them" in a Societal Collapse
Plague: A New Thriller of the Coming Pandemic
US Patent Application 20090010962 - Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof
Panic in Ukraine, Authorities Deny Aircraft are Spraying Aerosols Over Cities, Martial Law Expected
Author Says G-20 Meeting in Scotland this Week about Dumping U.S. Dollar
Bankruptcy Filings to Match Divorce Filings in 2009: 1.5 Million. 35.8 Million Americans on Food Stamps - 11 Percent of the Population. The 5 Indicators of the Misery Index.
Dead Government Walking
IMF Sells Gold to India, First Sale in Nine Years
Obama Creates 640,329 Jobs at a Cost of $323,739.83 per Job
Wilbur Ross Sees ‘Huge’ Commercial Real Estate Crash
About That New Car You Bought a Stranger in America
Controversial New Video of Obama’s Past
U.S. Sees Shortage of Ammunition
Top Gun Advocate Has Message of Survival
Congress Funds Study on How to Avoid Constituents, Stay in Office
Tenerife Beach Where British Holidaymaker Died 'Had Landslide a Month Ago
NSA to Build $1.5 Billion Cybersecurity Data Center
Japanese Fishing Trawler Sunk by Giant Jellyfish
Reptoids Research Center

House GOP Health Bill Would Reduce Uninsured by 3 Million
Democrats' Plan for the Sick: Wait 6 Months
By the Numbers-Speaker Pelosi’s Health Care Bill
Truth Test: The Future of Medicare Advantage
AARP's Tacit Endorsement of Medicare Cuts Line Its Pockets, But Shortchanges Seniors
Family Doctors Group Loses Members Over Coke Deal
Ukraine Virus Mystery Deepens
The Deaths of 4 Ukraine Doctors Raising Suspicions of a Cover-Up
World First as Swine Flu Found in US Cat
LA Doctor Allegedly Faked Exams for Immigrants
Senate Panel Approves Climate Change Bill Over Republican Opposition
Nuclear Waste: Coming to a Town Near You?
Tracking Your Taxes: The High Price of Nuclear Waste
11 Videos Show School Children Performing Praises to Obama
Ida Batters Resort, Strengthens into Hurricane – Nicaragua May Face Flash Floods, Mudslides; Track Towards Gulf
Heavy Floods Hit Mexico
Atlanta's September Floods Extremely Rare
Washington State Prepares for Catastrophic Flood
New Orleans Still Vulnerable to Flooding
Earthquakes Shake Pennsylvania Second Time
Taiwan Hit by Mag. 6 Earthquake
Mayon Volcano May Explode Anytime
Iran Looks to Argentina for Nuclear Fuel
Rise of Stealthy Traffic Cameras Fuels Disgust

What is Martial Law and How Does It Apply to You?
Glenn Beck: Buckle Up, America - Something Is Coming Soon – video
Citizens for Legitimate Government
UN’s ‘Defamation of Religions’ Resolution Goes Against Free Speech and Human Rights
Russia, India and China Go Their Ways
Is This China’s Anti-Satellite Laser Weapon Site?
Russia Expands Its Chemical Arsenal, Exposing Treaty’s Faults
Space Arms Race Inevitable Says Chinese Commander
Reported Cases in Ukraine Double in Two Days
History of the H1N1 (Swine) Flu
Indianapolis Doctor’s Letter to Senator Bayh about Healthcare Bill
John Stossel Destroys/Pulverizes/Crushes Obama's anti-American 'Health Care' Plan – video
Why Gold Has a LONG Way to Go
Gold Starship: Family Reunion on Pluto?
Italy Convicts 23 Americans for C.I.A. Renditions
Researchers Ask How Best to Engineer the Planet
Giant Crack in Africa Will Create a New Ocean
If a Meteoroid Hits Manhattan 3.2 M Die, $1 Trillion Damage Foreseen
The Monster Devouring Us: Even the Men Who Created the Internet are Beginning to Fear Its Power to Destroy Our Freedom
Unmanned Aerial System Mission Vehicle in Oregon?
From Look Up FellowShip:- Aliens, UFOs, Full Disclosure - Notable Quotable - As a nation we have become obsessed with the occult and Halloween. Here's a warning, pray for protection for yourselves and loved ones. Plead the blood of Jesus over your house, marriage, children. Declare out loud that no foul and unclean thing shall enter your domain. This is spiritual warfare 101. Take authority in the name of Jesus, over the day and all that goes with it and rest in the knowledge that He has triumphed over death, and thus, the enemy is a defeated foe. =
Posted by JRed
Genesis 3:1 (KJV) Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? (emphasis mine)
Satan. Not only the Father of Lies, but the Subtle Serpent as well. Keep that in mind as we continue with this thought. See if you can spot the subtle message being transmitted in the cases I'll cite.
"I keep harping on this because we need to understand that disclosure is coming and when it hits, it will be too late to form an opinion as to what the phenomena is. Whether it is benevolent or malevolent. Whether it is deception or deliverance. The media will tell us what to believe and our president will announce that most of the aliens are friendly. We are warned very specifically that, Satan when he shows up, will come with all signs and lying wonders. The supernatural is manifesting as never before and unless we have an understanding of it we can easily be misled. That is why I refer to the Bible as, The Guidebook to the Supernatural. The buffer that has kept the two dimensions apart seems to be receding. We must test the spirits and we must use our weapons of warfare, which are not carnal. I have said that there will be an Apostasy, a Great Falling Away and this will follow-on the heals of the revealing of UFOs. We are also told that there will be a one world religious system, which immediately begs the question, how do you get everyone on the same religious page? The revealing of E.T. would do it." L.A. Marzulli
=UFOs in South Valley? Comet or 'space' debris seen falling through the atmosphere on Oct. 26. — Gilroy Dispatch

=UFO appears outside supermarket in China surprising shoppers, photos

=Why did God send the judgment of the Flood in the days of Noah? The strange events recorded in Genesis 6 were understood by the ancient rabbinical sources, as well as the Septuagint translators, as referring to fallen angels procreating weird hybrid offspring with human women-known as the Nephilim.

=All eyes on CSETI Conference as Colin Andrews Reveals all October 24-26 2009
"We must draw our line in the sand - Governments MUST come clean NOW and be made accountable. This MUST be the time. Our future depends upon it."
Colin Andrews feels strongly that as governments around the world now begin to release all of their hitherto secret files on UFOs and crop circles, this is in fact what they are doing - finally coming clean. The planet is in an irreversible paradigm shift, and a successful embracement of the new paradigm will only be achieved if we remedy the lessons learned from the old. More lies, deception and spin will not work - literally.

=Thousands gather as Virgin Mary set to make major statement at Knock shrine - Thousands of Irish people claim to have witnessed apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the skies over Knock shrine in Co Mayo. // WATCH VIDEO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - They reported that they could see images of the Virgin Mary shimmering in the sky as the sun danced nearby.

=No men OR women needed: Scientists create sperm and eggs from stem cellsHuman eggs and sperm have been grown in the laboratory in research which could change the face of parenthood. It paves the way for a cure for infertility and could help those left sterile by cancer treatment to have children who are biologically their own.
=Bizarre beauty secret based on unethical technologyA Swiss firm is using tissue from aborted babies to make anti-wrinkle creams.

="The Beast rises from its hidden depths of other world origins to first enslave and then devour its unsuspecting worshippers" -- Although this is a great intro for a sci-fi movie, unfortunately its real. Based in Belgium the "BEAST" – Biometric Encryption and Satellite Tracking – is very well-funded and in total "ready" mode for the day when everyone left alive will be forced to take the Mark of the Beast as admission into the New World Order! - Although this is a great intro for a sci-fi movie, unfortunately its real. Based in Belgium the "BEAST" - Biometric Encryption and Satellite Tracking - is very well-funded and in total "ready" mode for the day when everyone left alive will be forced to take the Mark of the Beast as admission into the New World Order!


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