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Friday, October 16, 2009

Dream I had the Church was going to marry the dead thing

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dream I had the Church was going to marry the dead thing
Barr M.I was Standing in this house that was warm and was very cozy. I was looking out of the second story window, I looked down to the ground and I saw a coffin. As I looked the coffin opened up and a Dead looking man was inside. Next to him was a Skeleton. The Skeleton disappered from site and only the dead man was to be found in the coffin. He then sat up and said, "I am looking for a new bride"! As I watched the door on the house below me on the first floor opened up. And a woman came forward to this dead man. She looked as if she was on meth. Her face looked so bad.This is what GOD impressed on me was this: The dead man was this Earthly system, things a Christian leaves behind once they turn to GOD/JESUS. The woman was part of the church that left the comfort and protection of GOD. She was taught things that were not of GOD. meth was the religion that has has messed her up. She had turned her back to GOD, and was going to be fully married to this world system, all the pleasures the world said were good. My self was the few who stayed behind in the protection of GOD's home. --Many are called but few are choosen -- wide is the road to destruction.


“Why are you looking for the dead among the living?” says the Lord,“I have risen and I shall continue to be the risen one for all eternity.Many are running to and fro to this place and that place.Many are calling these places and systems their safe place. I am your safe place!I am your very present help in time of trouble.Know that you must come out from amongst the unclean thing and surrender all to the living God!I am your life. I am where you live and move and have your being.As you run to me in this time my arms are open wide to embrace you.”“Many troubled waters,” says the Lord. “Many strong wind,” says the Lord, “But know this as the wind blows and as the waters rise and as smoke fills some places, knowI am your safe place. Do not allow fear to grip your heart in these times of trouble.I am your strong tower and my righteous ones run into and are safe.Run, run the race and tell my people that there is a living God.A trap has been built and man does not know that much has been built in vain.But I am speaking strong, and as I do, my breath shall blow with redeeming power and blow downman built towers! I come with a strong warning to my people to allow me to build that which is broken that cannotstand, that which is not built on the solid rock but sinking sand.I desire you to stand and not be tossed to and fro by the winds of the enemy as they too blow. Come, come, come to me healing waters that heal thee.Wake up! See! There is only one safe place and that is Me!Christ the son of the living God who died to set you free.My kingdom is real,I have made it for you to dwell with me for eternity.Keep your eyes fixed upon my return and know as you do it will keep you listing to my voice andnot man.You must let me rebuild on the solid rock and let go of all the things that man has taught that was not of me. I am a redeemer and have spoken this to set you free from mans traditions and false towers that are not safe.I am speaking to those that are teaching things that are not of me, for they have followed a patternand have been deceived. But I am their God and love them so much.I am blowing strong upon the heart of man to stop teaching what would lead my people to sinking sand where it is impossible for their house to stand.Many are awakening as I blow upon their hearts but because of years of mans waysthere is a seeking that is coming to my ear; asking, ‘ God is this you?’I am the God that answers my people as they call with truth. Watch and see as many exit traditionand things they have built and see what happens as they do! For the time is now that I have called them to.Revival is this way and only this way.” says the Lord.“My people are hungry and crying out to me, yet I have left instructions for this timeyet many still follow ways not of me and are being tossed to and fro like waves of the sea.Turn! Turn! And look back to Me. I have given you all you need.My gifts, My wisdom, and authority! Oh My children see, see, see, all that you have for this battleto be won, as I sent the greatest gift of all for you, ‘My one and only son.’My voice thunders! Wake up my bride as the tide comes in for I have made a way for you to swim. Glory waves high to soak you and wash away debris.I am a living God that washes over thee. Run to me and not away for this is a very serious day.I have spoken to you many times and yet you seem to stay away.Come, come. Come to me! Listen to the sound as my wind blowsAs you fast and pray mountains are being moved out of the wayI summon you! Come, on your knees to me.You must see this is the key that unlocks all that you do not see.Stay on your knees! Stay on your knees! Stay on your knees and watch things unfold!It is like wrapping in a blanket when you are cold.As the temperature changes and the Body heats up and you get hot again.That is the place where you win.I am your blanket. Wrap yourself in me! Stay hot, that others can see the way the truth and life isonly through Me. I desire to burn with in and through you to touch those places that need revived.I am your strong tower where you run and are safe. I am the voice that is saying come My way thatyour house can stand, a place that is the true safe place built upon the solid rock and not sinkingsand!I have made known to you the things of the Kingdom. Stay hot for me! I am your blanket wrap upin me

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