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Friday, April 26, 2013

By Michael Mccune: The Rant - Pro-Obamacare Survey Shows Costs Understated (( to Have MIke send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here (( ))

Pro-Obamacare Survey Shows Costs Understated

Every American is aware of the political battle that resulted in the enactment of the Affordable Health Care Act or Obamacare. Most every voter knows there was no contest about this particular piece of legislation presented in last year's presidential election because both candidates supported the basis of the bill.
But, notwithstanding where one stands on the legislation, all the previous projections about the cost to the government are wildly inaccurate. The cost--and resulting increase in the national debt--seemingly grow by the hour.
In a recent survey conducted by the Commonwealth Fund--an agency which wants to prove the necessity for implementation of the Act and is an advocate for improved healthcare--it was concluded almost half of all working Americans have little or none health care coverage for the time period ending Dec. 31, 2012.
This figure should have sent shock waves through Washington because, if you'll remember during the argument over the merits of the legislation in 2009, it was determined less than 30% of all working Americans needed insurance coverage to be provided by this bill.
So how did we arrive at more than a 40% increase in less than four years, an increase for which I have seen no additional expense allocated to the government's obligation under the Act from either the CBO or the GAO (since there has been no budget adoption it is impossible to refer to any such increase that might be considered there)?
Now the Commonwealth Fund's figures for its study focused on working Americans only and found that there are 84 million either underinsured or completely without insurance, allegedly only 3 million more than the number figured to be in that classification in 2010 when the bill was signed. But, and here the Rant will follow Barack Obama's infamous tactic to get a point across and bring up the "but", accessing old speeches on the subject, that figure wasn't used anywhere. The number most often referred to was the number of uninsured only, 30 million strong.
Also disclosed by the study was the dire fact 80 million did not see a doctor or failed to fill a prescription because of the cost. The study's release did not indicate whether or not this 80 million was in addition to the 84 million previously mentioned or came wholly from the 84 million workers found in the study.
But it is known that at least 85% of the 84 million will become eligible for the taxpayer subsidized benefits outlined in the Act.
The survey used as a talking point the younger workers. The group of workers from age 19-25 who were uninsured fell by 7% from the time the Act was passed until the survey's conclusion. Great news! except for the fact the study didn't provide any indication on how the unemployment figure for this age group was factored in because unemployment figures for the younger generation is rising and the survey's focus was allegedly on "working Americans."
The survey was gracious enough to concede the fact the bill allows parents to keep "children up to age 26 on their plans" and 1.9 million thus-designated over-age children contributed hugely to the alleged drop in uninsured youth.
Sara Collins, vice president for affordable health insurance at Commonwealth, said in a prepared statement, "It will be critical to continue to monitor the effects of the law as the major provisions go into effect in 2014 and beyond to ensure it achieves its goal of near-universal, comprehensive health insurance."
If you are going to "monitor the effects" you should also be charged with monitoring the additional costs. This monstrosity is one of the things forcing would-be employers to not fill jobs because of the unintended, unknown cost factors.
What is galling is the CBO has projected the extension of healthcare coverage will go to "about 27 million more Americans by 2012." That's all the cost factor it has figured into the passage of the Act. That doesn't come close to handling the 84 million the study disclosed. This gap has been conveniently disregarded from any recent public discourse on the Act.
Anyway you try to slice the pie, the campaign's non-issue issue of Obamacare still hasn't been directly addressed by anyone without an agenda.
The numbers continue to shift like quicksand underfoot. The bill, however, cannot and will not do what it was intended to do without a considerable increase in the amount of theft (taxation) the government will require to keep this unworkable idea afloat. And that is reality, not merely a hope or a projection.
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson
Rant Extra:
I was asked to address a group earlier in the week. I was trying to find a way to highlight the problems of America without the usual mundane economic sackcloth and ashes approach. The following poem resulted:
We are going through a culture revolution. The liberals say they'll overcome them all. But while they're blowing smoke on air pollution, we're hanging on with help from Geritol.
Gays now run San Francisco. The markets are a farce in New York. Government lost its credibility when it denied the app of Robert Bork.
The wheels in liberal media keep spinning; they decided truth just had to go. But conservatives keep looking for it, even in places as remote as Idaho.
Liberal push diversity and say illegals are just swell. They can keep their damn diversity, that ain't what rings my Liberty Bell.
And we still make beer in Milwaukee. Still do the waltz in Tennessee. Still run the derby in Kentucky and cling to gunfire harmony. Let's keep God in our country. Let's make things the way they used to be. 'Cause if the U.S. has its' honor, that'll be good enough for me.
The author acknowledges the lyrics will not make the public-education hit parade or political roundtables but it fits him better than the Campbell soup song honoring the Administration California was singing. Please remember all comments and suggestions for the Rant are appreciated and gladly accepted--Mike

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