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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years - Crowded Prisons Might End Sentencing Tax Evaders - (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here (( ))

Crowded Prisons Might End Sentencing Tax Evaders 

Eric Holder, the detestable Attorney General of the United States who selectively enforces laws and has rendered the U.S. law moot, is at it again. Holder, using cost as a factor, wants to eliminate the overly-long sentences for druggies in this country.
On this principle, economically logical, I agree with him. For me, using drugs is not a crime, after all it is your own body. Dealing drugs, however, is an entirely different area. To me there should be no prison sentence for drug dealing, just a death sentence if convicted of possessing a dealer load, meaning anything more than what is needed for immediate personal use.
When nabbed for "conspiracy to deliver" the dealer suspect has two options, ingest the entire load he is carrying--to prove it is indeed for his own use--or plead no contest to a capital offense that carries an automatic death penalty with no appeal. When convicted in court, a death sentence is carried out within twenty minutes of the verdict being rendered. There can be no attorneys or jury involved since the defendant, by refusing to ingest the drugs he was carrying, has already entered a no contest provision and thus acted as his own executioner at the time of arrest.
This is nothing more than an extension of a driver refusing a DUI test when pulled over. You can take the test and either fail or pass or you can refuse the test and you have entered a guilty plea in the eyes of the law. Only in this case you immediately walk away after ingesting your drugs or die from the overdose.
This would certainly cut down on the "drug problem" that is strapping our prison system. The drug users would have to go to a country where dealing doesn't carry a death sentence so the number of arrests for using would drop. The associated crimes inflicted on communities from users trying to get enough money to pay for their drugs would go away as well. That is a win-win circumstance for society as a whole. 
But that is not good enough for Holder. He wants to trim the sentence time when the whole purpose was to get this insidious plague off the streets in the first place. Since it hasn't worked let's try another idea but one that addresses the problem and not merely sweeps it under the rug.
As citizens, let's use Holder's own proposal against the government. Since our government seems intent on selectively enforcing the laws of the country from the President on down, maybe it is time for the citizens to turn the tables and do the same.
A good area to start would be with the tax laws.
From polling numbers and the tone of the August town hall meetings Congress is facing while on vacation from Washington, I think it is safe to say most Americans no longer have any respect for the shenanigans that pass for lawmaking in this country any more. So why not put an end to it by canceling the government's tax collections? Refuse to pay your income tax.
Holder is admitting the government cannot afford to put non-violent offenders or even keep large-scale societal destroyers behind barriers, non-payment of taxes has to be the least violent form of protest one can imagine.
Since Americans, by an overwhelming majority, are showing disdain for the District of Corruption's antics, how will it operate without tax collections at all.
It does no good to go to the established court system--these people are all paid by the government so are going to side with it. It has done no good to change the balance of power between the two parties--both sides have been coveting power for so long they are beyond making significant changes to help America.
The only possible course of action--in following the line of our beloved, dirt-bag of an AG--is to selectively choose a line of non-violent action that he has decided is a basis for changing existing law. The most non-violent action one can take is no action at all.
If the government is admitting it cannot handle one of the basic cornerstones of government--enforcement of its laws--then it is broken beyond repair.
In addition, the non-paying citizen will reap some benefits which will, horrors!, trickle UP and support the the government's stated goals. Not paying taxes will leave a huge chunk of extra cash in the consumer pocket which will be spent to obtain more things for himself or invested to get a reward for frugality down the road when the person is retired. Both of these actions will help the economy recover far quicker than any government action taken to date.
Economic health is a publicly stated goal of the past 16 Administrations since Woodrow Wilson got the income tax law passed in 1913. When Franklin Roosevelt began compassionately "aiding" individuals on the backs of economic progress, the system began to collapse.
Eric Holder is asking us, once again, to swallow something that would have been foreign to our ancestors. He is asking us to give a "Get Out of Jail Free" card to the people who destroy our society the most.
Obama's "fundamental transformation of America" continues unabated apparently. But would law-scoffing Eric Holder be willing to keep his position if America's Main Streeters simply sat on their hands and refused to pay his salary? 
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

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