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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blue ways plan? - Here in Cheyenne, WY laramie county - AGENDA 21 - changes to existing water rights - Your water rights - The fact is, the federal government could not accomplish ANY of the un-constitutional, illegal, freedom robbing things they do without the cooperation of LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS

AGENDA 21..... GREATEST THREAT TO RIGHTS OF PRIVATE PROPERTY, WATER, FARMING, ANIMALS - The fact is, the federal government could not accomplish ANY of the un-constitutional, illegal, freedom robbing things they do without the cooperation of LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS!

Betty Stratton:  will you and others check out Blue ways plan? Karen Schoen is a Agenda 21  expert Tea Party organizer from Florida look what she wrote below.
Please everyone crank up your search engines this is on our door step in laramie county?


Dont let them control your water.
This is part of the Blue ways plan 

Stake holders to Amec environment & infrastructure

Stake Holders behind Amec who the state engineer hired for the study on the water Control area for laramie county. There is no doubt  big money behind  AGENDA 21 & very bad companies behind AGENDA 21 look at some them I highlited?????? This is them that support Amec do your homework: A little side note don't ever invest in companies that are trying to destroy the US Constitution.

ADB Asian Development Bank
BPD Business Partners for Development
CPI Caltex Pacific Indonesia
CSD Commission for Sustainable Development
CMS Competency Management System
CUSB Common User Supply Base
DFID Department for International Development
EAP Engineers Against Poverty
EITI Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
EIR Extractive Industries Review
EPC Engineering, Procurement and construction
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
GTL Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste
HIPC Heavily Indebted Poor Countries
HSEQ Health, Safety, Environment & Quality
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
IFC International Finance Corporation
IFI International Finance Institutions
ILO International Labour Organisation
IMF International Monetary FundIOC International Oil Companies
JSA Joint Staff Assessments
JV Joint Venture
MDG Millennium Developments Goals
MIGA Multi-lateral Investment Guarantee Agency
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
NGO Non Government Organisation
NOC National Oil Company
ODI Overseas Development Institute
OGP Onshore Gas Plant
O&M Operations and Maintenance
PHC Primary Healthcare Contract
PNOC-EC Philippines Oil Company Exploration Corporation
PRSP Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers
PSC Production Sharing Contract
PSFI Pilipinas Shell Foundation
PWYP Publish What You Pay
SLG Social License to Growth
SLO Social License to Operate
SME Small and Medium Enterprises
SPEX Shell Petroleum Exploration
TSR Tabangao Santa Rita
UN United Nations
United Nations Development Programme
USAID United States Agency for International Development
WBG World Bank Group
WTO World Trade Organization
Just rec'd this alert from M. Lee. I've highlighted certain areas to heighten your interest.  M. Lee has asked you to alert farmers, ranchers, and neighbors on this issue. AND ATTEND THIS CRITICAL MEETING!Note: AMEC Environment and Infrastructure was one company hired by WY (see below); after checking out their website, the company's main objective is "Sustainability" (which, as you may know, defines UN Agenda 21.) Nobody knows exactly what "sustainability" means, either. Do you?
Get geared up for 2014; the battle continues; January meeting coming up soon!
State Engineer’s Office to Host Public Meeting:
Hydrogeology Study of the Laramie County Control Area

The Wyoming State Engineer’s Office will host a public meeting on January 17, 2014 to present the draft results of the Hydrogeology Study of the Laramie County Control Area. The meeting will be held in the downstairs meeting room at the Wyoming Water Development Commission, 6920 Yellowtail Road, Cheyenne, Wyoming. The meeting will begin at 2:00 p.m.
Responding to mounting concerns over increasing development and use of groundwater resources in southeast Wyoming, the State Engineer issued a Temporary Order Adopting Well Spacing Requirements within the Laramie County Control Area on April 11, 2012. The Temporary Order established well spacing restrictions (horizontally and vertically) as well as use limitations for most new groundwater applications and ***changes to existing water rights*** within the Laramie County Control Area.

Following issuance of the Temporary Order, the State Engineer’s Office contracted with AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Hinckley Consulting, and  HDR, Inc. in August 2012 to conduct the Hydrogeology Study of the Laramie County Control Area. The purpose of the study is to use existing geologic, hydrogeology, and water rights information to model the groundwater resources in the Control Area. Using those results, the study will be used to inform future groundwater management decisions, whether through processes instituted by the  SEO or by voluntary action, as well as evaluate the presence of appropriable water. (COMMENT: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???)
The Temporary Order was initially scheduled to remain in effect until October 1, 2013. However, due to time extensions needed to finish the hydrogeology analysis and time needed to prepare options for presentation to the Laramie County Control Area for preserving and/or extending the groundwater resources of the area, the State Engineer extended the temporary order through March 31, 2014.
The purpose of the meeting is to present the draft study report and findings to the public.

Contact: Lisa Lindemann, Administrator, Ground Water Division @ (307) 777-5063 or

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