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Thursday, May 14, 2015

◾Military Convoy With Microwave Weapons Seen In Jade Helm 15 'Permissive' Nevada Provides More Evidence Of Massive Civil Unrest Preparation In America! / Iowa farms devastated, impacts unknown as bird flu spreads / As Lake Mead hits record lows and water shortages loom, Arizona prepares for the worst. / Dozens Brutally Beat 61-Year-Old Baltimore Man... / SCHLAFLY: Congress giving away its authority... / Federal Judge Tells Rowan Commissioners they cannot Pray / Jade Helm and Operation Red Flag Point to the Coming Civil War:America is purposely being led to Civil War. / Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized / Yellowstone Photo Could Get You 1 Year In Prison Under New Wyoming Law -Wyoming just criminalized citizen science. / SURVEY: MORE THAN 40% OF BEE HIVES DIED IN PAST YEAR... / GOP SENATOR: DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE NEEDS TO BE RAMPED UP... / Special Forces Train With Cops For House to House Raids... / TX Landowners Paid to Give Up Property For 'Troop Training'... / The Greatest Water Crisis In The History Of The United States / In September, The UN Launches A Major Sustainable Development Agenda For The Entire Planet / Carly Fiorina says if Supreme Court Rules FOR Gay ‘Marriage’ Conservatives Should Support It / Greece introduces cashpoint tax

China Cuts Rates (Again) In Desperate Bid To Buoy Stocks, Rescue Economy

Iowa farms devastated, impacts unknown as bird flu spreads Iowa produces more eggs than any state in the country, and is ninth nationally in turkey production. But both industries are being rocked by a relentless virus that is forcing farmers to destroy entire flocks. A highly pathogenic avian influenza — or bird flu — believed to be introduced by wild waterfowl such as ducks and geese

As Lake Mead hits record lows and water shortages loom, Arizona prepares for the worst. Last week, Lake Mead, which sits on the border of Nevada and Arizona, set a new record low—the first time since the construction of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s that the lake’s surface has dipped below 1,080 feet above sea level. The West’s drought is so bad that official plans for water rationing have
Mysterious, well-trained fighters attack shopping malls and sporting events in Macedonia, leaving at least 22 dead An armed group battling Macedonian police over the weekend aimed to destabilize the country by attacking state buildings and public areas, the prime minister said Sunday. The attacks left at least 22 people dead, a top official said. Interior Ministry spokesman Ivo Kotevski, who gave the death toll, called the attackers in the northern town

Rand Paul Plays Down Comments on Military Exercise...
Governor Working to Calm...
Massive beach brawl causes road closures near Boston... Pack Of Teens Attack Couple Sitting In Central Park...

Dozens Brutally Beat 61-Year-Old Baltimore Man...

Flying car crashes during test...
TRADE BATTLE: WARREN TO O: Declassify the text!

Rift widens... Global pact 'most aggressive and sustained legislative push' since Obamacare...

'Unprecedentedly massive'...
SCHLAFLY: Congress giving away its authority...


Roadside checkpoints raise thorny questions... Feds 'using immigration to enforce other areas of law'...
Nepal Hit By ANOTHER Devastating Earthquake;7.4 :Shockwaves were felt as far away as the Indian capital, Delhi. 
Jade Helm Update! Portable Disaster Morgues Just Ordered And Shipped To These Four States!

Freedom Force
Federal Judge Tells Rowan Commissioners they cannot Pray
Just got this dream from someone in Henderson, Colorado---
Last night I had an amazing dream! I woke up at 5:44 Am after having it!
Wow the dream I just had was so Crazy!! I saw okra helicopters and I grabbed my phone... and took pictures then I saw a big blue blimp and it went above our stadium I still took pics ...All of a sudden I saw nukes being dropped in the stadium. Explosions were every where! I saw dead bodies everywhere. I got separated from my family and ended up with some Chinese guy and his son trying to get to tammys house but she didn't live in Missouri. She said cheryl I'm so sorry Denver is a graveyard. She had just got off of the phone with uncle russ & he told her that it was bad...very bad!
They also started shutting all access to the highways off!
When I woke up to the news it's Asian heritage month!! In my dream there were a slot of asians hence me driving with I said a Chinese guy and his son but he could have been asian. Wow. seemed so real...I couldn't get the body's out of my mind. I'm praying!! Then to hear Nepal just had another earthquake 7.3!


Saturday Night Live Mocks the “Draw Mohammed” Debate

By Pastor Butch Paugh, PPP
April 12, 2015
Sir, I sincerely want to believe that the comments you made on a you-tube video I watched with you, your sheriff and a couple of other gentlemen were made out of an innocent ignorance. I truly would rather believe this scenario than to think that you know the truth of Romans 13 and are intentionally misleading your flock and others. Mr. Webber, to give you the benefit of the doubt, I am going to assume that you just need a bit of a Biblical instruction.

Nowhere in Romans 13 are we instructed to “obey” evil civil authority! Since this passage was written from prison by a “law breaker” named Paul, then one would have to assume that Paul was an unrighteous man for disobeying the civil authority and a hypocrite! Of course, the same is true of the apostles and thousands more that were slaughtered by the civil authority of Rome for “obeying” their unrighteous laws. Right? How ignorant is it to teach unlimited submission to man’s government?
Now, we must not forget all of the unrighteous men who actually armed themselves against their government in 1776! Wow, what a bunch of sinners! How many more, Mr. Webber, should I take the time to mention, that knew your interpretation of Romans 13 is actually from being naïve (ignorant of God’s Word) or an outright false teaching used to mislead the people?

Jade Helm and Operation Red Flag Point to the Coming Civil War:America is purposely being led to Civil War. 

All in it together: People gather in the safety of open space in central Kathmandu this morning following today's major earthquake
ANOTHER massive earthquake hits Nepal: Dozens killed in 7.3 magnitude quake just weeks after 8,000 people died;OUTSTANDING PHOTO COVERAGE
Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized
With 93 Million Already Unemployed In U.S., The Coming Nightmare Will Be Multiples Of The Great Depression
Jobs Fuel Market Rush

The Dow Jones Industrial Average led the charge Friday as stocks across the various sectors all surged higher. The reason? April's jobs report came out and was the sun for the bull market.

April's report showed the economy gained 223,000 jobs, dropping the official unemployment rate to 5.4%. After the disaster that was the first quarter, the stock market took this as great news.

What is forgotten is the same thing happened in April last year. The first quarter of 2014 was lousy so April's slight uptick was seen as great news. Yet for the rest of the year the economy staggered like a weekend drunk on early Saturday morning. Friday was eerily similar to 2014. The first quarter was either a .2% gain, a flat-line or a .2% loss (take your pick from the various analyses offered.)

But there is a sneaking suspicion, once again, the employment figures were enhanced by selective options. March was in the rearview mirror so nobody paid much attention to the fact March's woeful 126,000 jobs gain--which does not even keep up with population growth--was trimmed to an anemic 85,000. Also, compared to the 260,000 average monthly jobs gain in 2014, April was still not up to par. The markets soared anyway.

While not claiming it happened, what if April's figures were boosted by the 41,000 trimmed from March? Or worse, what if April's report will also be revised downward next month by the 32.6% March's was? That would leave April at 151,000 new jobs or a full 14% lower than anyone predicted (picks ranged from 175.000 to 325,000). 

But there is a bigger worry lurking behind the bald employment numbers: wages. Wages rose only .1% in April, month to month, half of what had been expected, and stayed mired in a year-to-year 2.2% range that has prevailed since 2010. This is a reflection of the switch to part-time employment but is also an indication why the slump in consumer spending persists.

While costs of housing and energy have risen over the past five years, salaries have pretty much flat-lined. An interesting chart put out by the Federal Reserve showed the income growth rate lagging the debt-accumulation rate by a staggering 34%. To put that in perspective for every dollar increase in wages, debt has gone up by $1.34 in the last five years.

This income to debt gap belies Labor Secretary Tom Perez's comments on wage increases. "This is a very solid report, showing steady growth. At the same time, as I look at the report, I recognize the unfinished business of wage growth continues and the unfinished business of making sure that everybody who wants to get back into the labor force can do so."

In his last summation he looks at but doesn't demonstrate the fallacy of an unemployment rate that doesn't distinguish between legal and illegal employment or the multiple job holder. To Labor, every job in America is filled by a legal American and every job is held by a different individual. Those two errors must be accounted for when addressing the work force participation rate in order to be accurate but no government agency does it. They just toss off the unemployment number as is that is an end-all in itself and then tally the workforce participation rate on the same erroneous basis. 

I know this because I have downloaded the guidelines for the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Commerce Department's surveys for employment. There are so many flaws in the surveys they are essentially worthless for any meaningful statistical basis. To make the adjustments necessary to be accurate would delay the report by two-three weeks and the markets won't wait that long.

The flaws nullify the best news in April's jobs report, the fact work force participation had risen from 62.7 to 62.8%.

Labor's report also showed "the slowdown in employment tied to cheaper oil prices also persisted in April."  The mining industry dropped 15,000 jobs officially but if you look at the raw data from other venues like rig counts, the corresponding drop in jobs should have been closer to 24% than the 2.1% drop reported.

One last point to ponder. The official unemployment rate.

For the Fed, since its mid-March meeting, full employment comes when the unemployment rate is between 5 and 5.2%. They did not specify whether or not that is with or without verifiable surveying methods established. It is good enough for them that the Labor Department numbers hit a certain, unverifiable range in order for the country to be back to full employment.

This kind of gamesmanship is exactly what has landed the NFL's New England Patriots in hot water. If you are not playing by the same rules as everyone else, then you have a distinct advantage. By outlining a position where they can declare full employment without verifiable proof, the Fed has put itself in the same position as the Russian politburo with its' infamous 5-year plans that always made the target from within but never to those looking from the outside.

For Americans to have confidence the government is getting a handle on things, the Fed cannot and must not rely on only one set of demonstrably rigged statistics but must utilize every independent survey they can. 

Unfortunately, this standard cannot be applied to the marketplace. It is an untamed lion on an insignificant leash. It roared Friday. That's good only for the 1%.

"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson 
WTF! Yellowstone Photo Could Get You 1 Year In Prison Under New Wyoming Law - Wyoming just criminalized citizen science.

7,231,000 Manufacturing Jobs Lost Since 1979 Peak...
Powerful 6.8 earthquake strikes off Japan’s Honshu island 
HSBC WARNS: Economy faces 'titanic problem'...

PAPER: Reckoning for Fed...

Hawaii's $205 Million Obamacare Exchange Implodes...

Special Forces Train With Cops For House to House Raids...

TX Landowners Paid to Give Up Property For 'Troop Training'... Defiant rancher refuses to 'surrender' home...

KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |
Navy Seal Explains the Big Event:I’m going to explain the big big event as condensed and as clear as possible. This is a subject that is very complicated and leads to an infinite number of questions
This is a loaded question I was hoping to put off as long as possible, there are events within events and this is very complex.
I’m going to explain the big big event as condensed and as clear as possible. This is a subject that is very complicated and leads to an infinite number of questions. I will provide basic key events and information, in layman’s terms, that will help those who choose to travel down the rabbit hole, to do so and research what I provide on their own.
For a number of years this event has been shown to us in movies, example Melancholia, and other mediums, if you do the research you will find them. This, associated with the combination of dead scientists, astronomers and bankers, is the biggest cover up secret in world history.
Many people believe asteroids will kick off a foreseen world calamity. Many have had dreams and visions of asteroids hitting the earth and hitting the oceans triggering off massive tsunamis and devastating earthquakes. In all probability, what they have dreamed and seen are correct, but there is a prelude, an event that begins all of this.
In revelation 8:8 we read a mountain of fire is thrown into the sea, a mountain, not something from outer space, clearly a mountain, or it would describe something from outer space. If this mountain is of fire, that indicates a volcanic mountain, something from earth. Asteroids, is something that would come shortly after, sporadically for a period of time, and increasing substantially later during what is referred to in the bible as “God’s Wrath”, you don’t want to be here for that.
Every several hundreds or thousands of years a planetary system enters earth’s atmosphere, when it does, it causes the earth to tilt, or rotate several degrees off its axes. When this occurs, it causes changes in the earth’s magnetosphere, ecosystem, and overall planet environment.
Much of this event is depicted at several locations around the globe on cave walls, with artifacts etc, so it has clearly happened before (Noah’s Flood). The calculated time for this planet, and its accompanying moons and other planets, to enter earth’s atmosphere is now, within the next few years, and I am being very conservative with this estimated time. The government actually calculates it to be here/visible at the end of this year, and the effects being felt by the end of the first quarter of next year. This is why you are seeing all the pre-staging of equipment.
Also, this is why you see CERN ramping up its activity, they actually believe if they alter time, they can hold things off or even possibly divert the event. Unfortunately, they’re going to make things much worse, adding a spicy sprinkling of hell creatures running around, a result from CERN opening the pit of hell. CERN is what I believe to be the key spoken about in the bible. In addition, CERN is being used to do other things, all extremely evil, but that is for another discussion.
Continuing, world governments have known about this big big event for a very long time, and they have calculated, what they believe to be the correct preparation time for this event. Before the event, the world powers/military’s monitoring systems, evaluation programs, joint logistic networks and currency exchange systems must all be connected, up to a certain level, before the planetary system enters earth’s atmosphere. This is the reason for the historical military exercises around the globe, emergence of the AIIB, BRICS, CHIPS, massive seed banks, state size underground storage facilities and unprecedented amount of FEMA installations, the powers at be are scared to death.
In addition, public control (martial law-via fanned civil unrest) must be implemented and working before the event, so when the first pass by of the planetary system occurs, creating total chaos, there is a manageable cohesive system in place to operate from after the destruction, and this is the New World Order, just as you have seen/heard about over the past many years. So, world governments are actually going to use the event to usher in The New World Order/world management system. It won’t go as everyone has agreed upon or predicted, they’ll be a lot of backstabbing and advantage taken of one another going on. Again, another subject in itself.
So, what is the big event?: A planet and it accompanying moons, planets and debris entering our atmosphere and creating massive destruction and chaos. This is the ultimate reason for all the preparations, civil changes and world restructuring. Would I believe me if I was someone who has never studied this,or been a part of this or seen certain things occur first hand?
The ultimate, and most important, answer to all your question is this: Have you accepted Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your Lord and Savior? Repent and Believe that Jesus Loves you!
Hope this helps,
JH15 – Intel – Stowed Multiple Launch Rocket Systems in Woods

Iran Boats Fire Across Bow Of Singapore Cargo Ship, CNN Reports
Jobless Claims Collapse Near 42 Year Low, But Texas Turmoils

More Military Equipment Spotted at Closed Walmart In Texas Ahead of Jade Helm 15

Martial Law? Obama Confiscates National Guard Helicopters from All 50 States -

IRS Steals $100,000 From Man

US Drought Monitor May 5 2015
The Greatest Water Crisis In The History Of The United States
In September, The UN Launches A Major Sustainable Development Agenda For The Entire Planet
The Average Age Of A Minimum Wage Worker In America Is 36
Carly Fiorina
Carly Fiorina says if Supreme Court Rules FOR Gay ‘Marriage’ Conservatives Should Support It
More than 40% of U.S. honeybee colonies died in past 12 months: USDA More than 40% of U.S. honeybee colonies died in a 12-month period ending in April, extending a troubling trend that has scientists scrambling for a solution and professional beekeepers struggling to stay in business. The Agriculture Department said in its annual honeybee survey released Wednesday that beekeepers are starting to lose large numbers of bees
New charges at the ATM: As the Greek economy teeters on the verge of bankruptcy, millions of panicking citizens have completely cleared their accounts - pulling more than €28 billion out of banks
Greece introduces cashpoint tax
Jade Helm 15: Satellite Images of Texarkana Military Build Up, Area of M270 Staging

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