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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On the go with Pokemon Go - and --->> Church Attendance Spikes Nationwide Due To Influx Of Pokémon GO Players ---->>> Also TRUNEWS 07/11/16 Rick Wiles | West Sleeps As War Begins - (pokeman churches being targeted and scanned- and churches are embrassing this) -(State of the Church totally asleep)-


 On the go with Pokemon Go
 7.13-C- RTE-Pokemon.jpg
Nathan and Addie Jones were walking around the square in Harrison on Tuesday, smartphones in hand, and, yes, they were chasing Pokemon.

They were just too of many people doing the same thing. It’s all part of the Pokemon Go craze that’s taken over the country.
Nathan explained that the free Pokemon Go app for smartphones gives players a general idea where the Pokemon and gems are located, such as near the Mountain Meadows Massacre and Boone County War Memorials on the courtpark.
But just finding them isn’t enough. You have to catch them as well. Nathan displayed a bat flying on the phone’s screen and swiped upward to catch it with a ball. He was successful.
He said there are locations all over town. The murals in the alley behind FrenZy and on the corner by the Boone County Library are all hot spots, known as Pokestops. But he has friends in other parts of the country who are playing the game as well.
Nathan said he grew up with Pokemon on a Gameboy, but the new app gets people up off the couch and into the fresh air.
Authorities in southwest Washington say two brothers came across upon a loaded handgun in a field while playing the popular Pokemon Go game.
The Clark County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday that the young men were on the trail of a virtual Pokemon creature when they found the gun in a field near Vancouver.
They called 911 and waited for a deputy to recover the weapon.

U.S.—Hit mobile game Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, and churches are benefiting handsomely from the augmented reality phenomenon.
According to a survey of America’s churches, 82% reported a substantial spike in attendance as Pokémon GO trainers wandered on and around their properties in order to take advantage of game-boosting Pokéstop buffs and rare Pokémon scattered about their campuses.
“We just open the doors and let them wander in unaware,” one pastor said. “Then, when they’re busy catching a Pokémon or taking advantage of our Pokéstop module, we lock the doors behind them and fire up the worship songs. Poor guys don’t know what hit ’em until it’s too late.
Other churches reported using strategies like holding special community groups focused on helping players catch rare and high-level Pokémon in their area, promising in-game items and buffs for players who make a decision for Christ, and shutting down Sunday services to allow members and visitors more time to catch the virtual pocket monsters.
Another pastor was just happy the Christian message was being heard, no matter what the means. “We’re excited that people are encountering the gospel through—wait, hang on, there’s a Charmander over there—gotta go!”

Church Attendance Spikes Nationwide Due To Influx Of Pokémon GO Players


 TRUNEWS 07/11/16 Rick Wiles | West Sleeps As War Begins -1 hour - click here to listen

TRUNEWS 07/11/16 Rick Wiles | West Sleeps As War Begins

TRUNEWS 07/11/16 Rick Wiles | West Sleeps As War Begins - See more at:
TRUNEWS 07/11/16 Rick Wiles | West Sleeps As War Begins - See more at:
Will a third World War break out as the West rots in its decadence? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles details the nuclear standoff on the Korean peninsula, the West’s latest saber rattling against Russia, and America’s emerging communist revolution and obsession with a satanic app called Pokemon GO.

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