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Monday, February 17, 2014

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years In Cheyenne, WY. -New American Dream? 40% Vote but Don't Work (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here ((

 New American Dream? 40% Vote but Don't Work 
Is the American Dream dead? If you ask the average American today he says yes.
According to a Marist-McClatchy poll conducted earlier this month, four out of five Americans think it is harder to 'get ahead' now than it was for previous generations. The No. 1 reason cited was the political system, but not for reasons you might think.
These Americans 'think the political system is unresponsive to their needs.' In previous generations the political system was basically kicked to the curb in the effort to get ahead. Maybe the real reason the American Dream is dead for the majority is they no longer are willing to work in the same manner as the preceding generations.
The one good thing that came from the poll was 78% of the respondents recognized the fact it will be harder for the next generation to get ahead. In this they are right because the newest working generation will have been stripped of the entry-level, learning jobs to form a solid foundation that is necessary to get ahead.
The rest of the questions the poll was split as the last few elections. Fifty-five percent said the middle class is most likely to be left behind by government policies. Forty percent said the poor are most likely to be left behind. But the consensus, according to Lee Miringoff, director at Marist Institute for Public Opinion was, "People just feel those in Washington are not looking out for them."
That is the crux of the problem. The current Administration has connected with these people by claiming it 'cares about them.' All you have to do is listen to President Obama in an off-teleprompter moment when he is heard saying, "It is good to be President because you can do what you want." But the people don't feel connected to him or to Congress.
That is because it is the faceless bureaucracy that has filled their hands insufficiently. They are slipping because, until now, Americans shunned government handouts as much as they could. If in no other way, this Administration has fundamentally transformed America from a Land of Opportunity to a Land of State Handouts.
Government is no longer disconnected from daily life but an intrusion. In essence, without fulfilling the wishes and wants of the government first, business cannot move ahead. With the voracious appetite of the government hindering economic progress, the American Dream is beyond most people's reach because they have no idea of how to transfer their mindset from their school days where everything was equal so we can feel good to one where competition demands a winner and loser be determined.
That's the second strike against the next generation to go with the lack of entry level jobs.
The Census Bureau isn't helping either. During the Reagan Administration, the Census Bureau set the poverty line at just over $10,000 dollars. With inflation gnawing away at the base of the dollar, you could have expected that base to rise significantly. Recently the Bureau put out a report claiming the new poverty line was $11,720.
By juggling the official poverty line, the government can move a large group of people into and out of poverty with the stroke of a pen. Thus the report can legitimize it's claim that at least 31.6% of all Americans fell into poverty for at least two months from 2009-2011 while 27.1% did the same between 2005-2007 but only 26.4% of those that started the 2009 period in poverty and were still there at the end of 2011. Did the government treat this category the same as it does the unemployment numbers where, once the state-offered pay expires, you don't count against the unemployment rate?
This is where another failed number the government puts out comes into play. The large increase in part-time (read as poverty-level wages) jobs doesn't begin to replace the number of full-time jobs that have simply vanished from the economic landscape over the past six years.  With full-time work disappearing, the hopes to attain the American Dream also disappear.
Douglas Amy, professor of Politics at Mount Holyoke, wrote an op-ed piece in the Huffington Post confirming the Rant's stance on this irreconcilable dilemma. "The most persistent myth surrounding the issue is that the best way to reduce poverty is to increase equal opportunity. Poverty is not caused by unequal opportunity. We simply have too few jobs and too many jobs paying poverty-level wages."
Government intervention hampers business. Hurting business means fewer jobs and more competition for those jobs. It is a boon for business because the desperation to get a job means the labor comes at a cheaper price than before.
But is it easier to hold out a hand for poverty alms from the government or actually work for essentially the same benefits? 
Until government gets out of the "equality" business and gets back to insuring a government operating under Constitutional restraints, the polls won't change. Maybe it is time to return to our roots by allowing only those who own property the right to vote.
That just might restore the hope that every American could attain the American Dream and aid the economic recovery at the same time. 
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson     

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