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Monday, February 17, 2014

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years In Cheyenne, WY. -Obamacare Turns Humans Into Digits (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here ((

Obamacare Turns Humans Into Digits
As outlined in previous Rants, I have some severe problems with Obamacare. But it is the tip of the Obama iceberg as President Barack Obama is doing what he stated.
I didn't listen closely enough but the part of the iceberg I can see destroys the Constitution Rights the Founding Fathers acknowledged came from God. It destroys our humanness
Obama stated his goal was "a fundamental transformation of America." Many thought this was a good idea--move those that didn't heed global warming warnings into the proper thinking alignment, give the old heave-ho to the Christian values this country was founded upon and spread the wealth--and the time had come.
Five years later what bothered me most about Obamacare is what is fundamentally wrong with the economy today. Americans are being forced to concede that most basic human trait--individuality. Our life, by the terms of Obamacare and the decidedly Progressive agenda we've suffered these past five years, is no longer ours but belongs to the government de jour
Everything in America is being transformed from the idea the individual is king to the process where the state will decide. Our government will become paternalistic but is established on a basis by calculation, maintained by calculation and leads to nothing more than a living death by calculation.
As much as I love delving into equations and the intellectual debates of mathematical philosophy, I dread the day when everything is accomplished solely by mindless calculation. It robs everyone of their humanness.
Obamacare, by its very intrusion into that most personal aspect of humanness--our individual medical needs, is the tip of the iceberg that shows. It is a dead end for humanity and the destruction of every principle America was founded upon.
Every speech, every action by Obama has been to equalize the one thing government has invented, currency, and use it to reduce everyone from the status of an individual person to a mere cipher among the calculating machinery of Progressivism.
If we are allowed to be robbed of the maintenance of our individual body by having the State tell us what we can eat, how much we can eat and how to care for the apparatus given us by God and heredity, we become entirely dependent upon the State for everything else as well. This is why Obamacare focuses so intently on "preventative medicine."
All the selling points were lies. The Statists wanted to take away your individual choice of medical practitioner, coverage plan and medical care. To leave those choices in our hands would have left us as individuals still. That choice had to be removed.
The very removal of individual choice in medicine and health, transforms America into something far more evil than anything envisioned by Adolph Hitler or even George Orwell.
Hitler tried his way by brute strength. Orwell's Winston still retained a vestige of choice--even though condemned by the State. Obama's way ultimately eliminates choice of any kind. All the ciphers have to be the same or the system breaks down except for the few ciphers who are the Deciders.
That is why, when protested, Obama backs down and defers so many points of the Obamacare plan. He can't withstand a protest on the scale the government would face if he didn't. So he appeases this group or that with a temporary deferral or a rewriting of the law to extend the implementation of the provisions.
Want proof? How long would Obamacare have lasted if Congress had not received its exemptions for staff? How long would Obamacare have lasted without appeasing the unions and businesses? The opposition would have been virtually united and limitless. So he bought time, time to have a generation grow up under the idea that Obamacare was good for them, even though they are being turned from humans into mere ledger ciphers by the rule.
His EPA, his (un)Justice Department, his Treasury, his Health and Human Services, his State Department, his immigration policies, his bowing to everyone in the world, etc. have all been acting in concert to push us into being ciphers that will achieve his goal of fundamentally transforming America.
Look at every step this man has taken. One by one, a hundred by a hundred, his minions have pushed an agenda with one goal in mind--cement their power and control over the country and eradicate every vestige of individual choice in every last person or company. His words and promises ring hollow--until you remember he isn't playing the game alone, he is merely the last in a line of Progressives that have hamstrung this country for a 150 years.
From Abe to Teddy to Woodrow to Franklin to Barack, it is a long and destructive line but concerted in its efforts to gather us all under the one ring of power that assures them control and diminishes everyone else.
How hard will it be to eliminate you or me when we are no longer humans but ciphers in the ledger books of the government? How easy to deafen the ear or blind an eye when the item in question is not about a human but a mere cipher?
The authorities will say this is paranoia, rampant paranoia, on my part. But it doesn't diminish the feeling that was aroused when I first read the Obamacare law.
Think of the government contortions necessary to get this into law in the first place. Senators, proving the bastards are not Honorable at all but base politicians, were bought off. The "not a tax" stance totally reversed by the Supreme Court's Chief Justice, proving the Black Robes had an agenda other than Constitutional justice when they decided.
Orwell had it right decades ago. His contention then was 2 + 2 = 5 by government decree and despite the obvious error.
This fundamental flaw is what was bothersome about Obamacare. But it was in Orwell's equation that I finally was able to find the key. We are to be ciphers, not humans, and that doesn't add up any place but in the Progressive mindset.
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson    

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