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Monday, March 7, 2016

Public School Students Taught To 'Pledge Allegiance To International Flag'... / Illegals told look for agents, 'you will be protected'... / Negative rates have law-abiding scrambling for bills... / Video: Putin Wants Gold Back Currency – Claims Russia Will Never Become A NWO Cashless Society / IBM Refuses To Release Layoff Numbers, Employees Described As “Massive” / Idaho SB 1294 – Lowers age of children who can get vaccinated by pharmacists from 12 to 6 / It's A Depression" - The Disturbing Email A Houston CEO Sent His Soon To Be Laid Off Employees / The Round Up Begins Part Two: The FBI is Rounding Up Those Who "Supported" the Ranch / Economy Contracts, Work Hours Drop / Golden Ocean CEO Says Shipping Market Is Worst in Modern History / Glenn Beck on Donald Trump: "The Stabbing Just Wouldn't Stop" (TRUNEWS VIDEO) / Secret Service Visits The Blaze Studios Following Glenn Beck Stabbing Comments / Japan's negative interest rate policy is doing the exact opposite of what was expected / Bloomberg Anti Gun Bills DEFEATED In Oregon / ◾Russian warships and naval assets sailing through Bosphorus strait has Turkey frightened The strait that separates the Black Sea from the Mediterranean is where Putin flaunts Moscow’s naval prowess Laura Pitel Istanbul 18 hours ago / TRUMP SHAKES WORLD ORDER / RECORD 61 MILLION IMMIGRANTS IN USA... - Border ranchers outraged by lack of security...Kidnapping rattles... Vandalism, trespassing... / China bans images of gay people on TV... / ◾Altar Church pastor shot, in critical condition:Remington, who gave the invocation at presidential candidate Ted Cruz's rally Saturday at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds, was listed in critical condition at Kootenai Health as of 4 p.m. today, / ◾China Alarmed as 305,000 US, S Korean Troops Launch Largest-Ever Drills / Thanks To The Republican Civil War, Every Scenario Ends With Hillary Clinton Winning The Election /

Public School Students Taught To 'Pledge Allegiance To International Flag'...
USA Pays to Feed, Shelter Cuban Migrants -- in Costa Rica...

BORDER CHIEF: Surges across southwest 'new normal'...
Illegals told look for agents, 'you will be protected'...

The New Cash Hoarders...
Negative rates have law-abiding scrambling for bills...

Rick Wiles Official Statement: Glenn Beck’s threat to Donald Trump TRUNEWS president Rick Wiles today expressed alarm over Glenn Beck’s mental health after the radio host said he would repeatedly stab billionaire Donald Trump if he got near him with a knife.
Glenn Beck on Trump: “The stabbing just wouldn’t stop” While broadcasting live from CPAC 2016 on Friday, Glenn Beck said if he was present at Thursday night’s debate, and had a knife, he would have stabbed Donald Trump multiple times.

Pyongyang Orders Nuclear Weapons to be Placed on Alert Sputnik News - North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered all of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons to be placed on full alert, citing the need to be ready "at any time."The announcement came as Kim Jong-un attended a test-firing of a new multiple rocket launcher, urging the military to "promptly" deploy the weapons system that can hit major military targets in South Korea. According to the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea will also revise its military posture to address threats on a "pre-emptive basis." The move comes just one day after the United Nations placed harsh new sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear tests earlier this year. The harshest in 20 years, the penalties also address Pyongyang's recent satellite launch, which the UN deemed a veiled attempt to demonstrate the DPRK's long-range ballistic missile capabilities.
Video: Putin Wants Gold Back Currency – Claims Russia Will Never Become A NWO Cashless Society
Brave Vladimir Putin is pushing for a gold-backed currency, ditching fractional reserve banking, and delivering a defiant rebuke to the Western world’s move towards a digital-only cashless society, according to a report circulating in the Kremlin on Friday. President Putin swears he will NEVER stop the circulation of cold hard cash because he considers digital-only cashless currency to be a New World Order tactic to gain control over the public. President Putin has stated his desire to destroy the Illuminati in 2016, and according to Kremlin insiders he believes disrupting the global banking cartel’s plan to ban cash is a key campaign in his war against the New World Order. The Rothschild controlled global banking lobby want a digital cashless system because this will give them even more control over us. They want to monitor and control every single transaction, while destroying real world currencies so they can issue money that doesn’t exist, creating impossible financial burdens for the masses, all the while accumulating extraordinary real wealth and power for themselves....
IBM Refuses To Release Layoff Numbers, Employees Described As “Massive”
Business Insider - IBM handed out another batch of pink slips to workers on Wednesday, in a round of layoffs that some employees described as “massive.” The exact size of the layoffs could not be determined, but the job cuts are part of ongoing changes to the tech company’s workforce. IBM won’t comment on or disclose how many people it cuts except to confirm that it is continuously shedding some workers while hiring others, and to report the financial impact, both in costs and savings. Last year, IBM hired and fired in almost equal numbers. It added 70,000 people, CEO Ginni Rometty said (including a womanwho had launched a social media campaign for IBM to hire her as the “world’s oldest intern.”) But, according to research done by Business Insider, it chopped slightly more than 70,000 people, too. IBM ended 2015 with a worldwide headcount of 377,757, it reported. So that’s a workforce churn of 18%.
Idaho SB 1294 – Lowers age of children who can get vaccinated by pharmacists from 12 to 6
Health Impact News - SB 1294 was introduced in the Idaho Senate Health and Welfare Committee February 10, 2016 and has passed the full Senate. The next step is a hearing in the House Health and Welfare Committee that will be scheduled in the coming days. SB 1294 would permit pharmacists to prescribe and administer vaccines to children 6 years of age or older. Legislation already allows pharmacists to vaccinate 12 year-olds, this bill reduces the age to 6 year olds. Although you may not think it is a big deal if pharmacists vaccinate 6 year olds, it is for many reasons. Pharmacists do not know a child’s medical history, do not have access to their records, may never see a child again so be unaware of reactions, and have no liability for vaccines they administer. In addition, we have visited 3 Idaho pharmacists and they are not following existing law with respect to reporting reactions and notifying parents that vaccines and the vaccine registry are voluntary.
It's A Depression" - The Disturbing Email A Houston CEO Sent His Soon To Be Laid Off Employees
This is the email that David Little, Chairman and CEO of Houston-based DXP Enterprises sent to his employees to explain why, "due to bank obligations and to continue a positive cash flow profile" the company has to freeze 401(k), why it is cutting pay in some cases as much as 60% and  why many employees are about to lose their jobs in the middle of what is an "oil and gas depression." It is a disturbing read.
Dear DXPeople,

As you well know, these are very challenging times for everyone in the oil & gas industry and other industrial markets. We are working hard to navigate both the challenges in oil & gas and an industrial recession plus what appears to be continuing softening. Normally, when upstream oil and gas is down the rest of the industrial market is booming, not this time!
This past Friday, we announced our fourth quarter and year-end results. Our revenues were down 17% from a year ago and 27% from the fourth quarter of 2015 versus the fourth quarter of 2014. Fiscal year 2016 has started off even weaker than we anticipated with January sales down an additional 12% from December. Oil and gas related companies across the country have reported sales declines as high as 50% - 60%. All of this in the midst of declining industrial confidence and performance. Furthermore, the forecast by experts suggests the oil & gas economy will get worse before it gets better. We are currently 20 months into this oil & gas down cycle which is also unusually long for a correction.

It goes without saying but over the past twelve months, we have all made efforts to contain costs and improve operations where possible. All, while focusing on growth. For this, we thank all of you for the sacrifices, discipline and effort you are making each and every day. But I am sorry to say that because of bank obligations and to continue our positive cash flow profile, we have to do more. The leadership team and I have been reviewing line-by-line every location, budget and expense, on how we can reduce costs while considering every decision through the prism of our values, culture and priorities. While we fulfilled a $2.9 million company match to our U.S. 401 (K) savings plan for 2015, we have determined it should be frozen immediately for the remainder of 2016. The Board of Directors, senior management and leaders in management positions will participate in a 10% reduction in base pay effective March 14th. Additionally, DXP as a whole company will require that we right size the company for our expected sales volume. This is in an effort to reduce labor costs while preserving as many DXPeople as possible in this uncertain economic environment.

We have all taken pay reductions over the last year with some of us taking reductions as high as 50% - 60% (via commission or bonus declines) including senior management. It is unfortunate, but the prolonged oil and gas depression and industrial recession has left us with no other choice but to make these difficult and unwanted moves and decisions.

The fastest and biggest cure to the health of DXP is more sales. Your expectations and mine are that the sales management, sales professionals and everyone else that touches our customers is working smart and diligently as we are all counting on you! DXP has given you some great weapons to be successful with and we are supporting and counting on your efforts to win each order. I am not going to list all the tools you have to win with, you should know what they are and understand how to use them already, but to use the “Hunter” and “Farmer” label you have to do both. “Farm” existing accounts to capture more of each customer wallet/spend and “Hunt” for new customers. We have the customer value propositions to sell and you have the selling skills to succeed.

Over the last several months, we have seen countless companies announce layoffs and in isolated incidents even bankruptcies. I point this out to try and put in context that the oil and gas depression is affecting more than DXP and is further reaching than many would have initially thought when this started over 2 years ago. The decisions we make are about preserving the future of DXP. DXP is a great company that is accustom to winning and we will win again. I can promise you that the leadership team will do all that we can to put us in a position to emerge stronger on the other side while staying true to our values and culture. Thank you for your understanding.


David Little
Chairman & CEO
DXP Enterprises, Inc
 The Round Up Begins Part Two: The FBI is Rounding Up Those Who "Supported" the Ranch

By Lisa Haven
Chances are you woke up this morning to the report that federal authorities have charged 19 people for their alleged involvement in Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s standoff with the government. Twelve of whom were arrested Thursday night March 3rd, 2016.
To be frank, weather or not the accused are “worthy” of punishment they are receiving, I believe this whole thing will be used to attack and demonize the liberty movement. The government will use these people as an example of what happens to those in opposition.
Here is more on this breaking report…

Economy Contracts, Work Hours Drop 
Please do not grab onto the February jobs report, as many politicians are, and think things are improving. This latest jobs report was a phony as a six-dollar bill.

An important item to factor in is hours worked by those employed. That dropped from 34.4 hours per job each week to 34.2, a six-tenths of percent drop for the month.

At the current employment level, the economy would have to add 898.800 jobs to fill that work-hour void TO KEEP THE ECONOMY EVEN! It added 242,000. Can you see the discrepancy? Yet the loss of man-hours work time is never mentioned, calculated or reported. However, based on the rise in "employment" the powers-that-be happily projected a coming wage hike.

It's a giant shell game played by government with the gullible populace.

A report yesterday on ship movement is a prime example of the shell game being played as surely as the made-up employment numbers.

From space, where satellites track ship movement, it seems as if all is well. "It's a bizarre scenario. There doesn't seem to be that many ships waiting for cargo," noted Simon Francis, founder of a company that monitors shipping congestion. He pointed out that even though the industry is "on its knees" you couldn't tell it from ports where traffic is noticeably down. Normally, in a down cycle, ship owners tied their ships up, waiting for a market rebound.

Not this time. Commodity shippers are grabbing every transaction they can in an effort to keep a their share of the trade even though they are losing money on every trip. Commodity prices and demand for transportation services are so bad, ship owners are not getting enough to pay a fourth of what each trip is costing them.

Where they usually idle ships in an economic slowdown, this time is different because there is no end in sight. Part of the blame is on the greed side as ship-building surged on new orders since the 2008 recession. The size of the global fleet doubled its capacity--most based on China's near double-digit economic growth analysis.

Ship owners are reluctant to trash their new ships, but are trimming the older fleet at a record pace. Even so, they can't find a profit. That is a recipe for collapse.

Just like companies listed on Wall Street, the shipping owners made some really poor business decisions over the past six years--expecting the bull run would not end. Companies borrowed to keep stock prices high through buyback programs, ship owners hocked the future for immediate returns. Now both sides are in danger of failing. The financial companies that lent the funds have no leverage to foreclose in a global economy that is unwinding yet the borrowers cannot make enough to even cover day-to-day operating expenses, much less repay debt.

You might have noticed a 20-cent jump in gasoline at the pump this week. The price of oil stabilized on the world market because "of a potential pact between the world's leading producers to freeze output."

Here again look at the facts. A freeze would be a great start--to keeping the current glut in place! And that is if the pledges are kept. The price of oil should have stabilized. Instead, the commodity jumped in value. For the better part of a year we have been bombarded by the industry's bemoaning the glut caused by production outstripping demand. Now we have production levels agreed to at the current pace and the perceived value jumps 14% in a week even though there is no change in the global glut side of the equation.

Demand, as the shipping industry shows, is not indicating an increase in economic activity. Without that increase, energy production must be reduced or the glut remains in place.

But how is the average American consumer, the top consumer of energy in the world, supposed to continue to buy a commodity that is valued higher while losing man-hours? And this phenomenon is being repeated around the globe in almost every nation. The analysts miss the forest for the tree that provides the most positive headline.

The economic alarm bells should be ringing louder today. Major problems remain around the globe yet the pall they cast was dismissed by the fact America increased its employment number. We lost work hours that could not be replaced by the increase in jobs. That fact was not explained yet it should have been the headline.

The government does not want to deal with the truth or else you might catch onto its game. The Federal Reserve wants to put some bullets back in the holster by raising rates. So it picked an arbitrary measure of the economy--the unemployment rate. Other bureaucrats proudly got the unemployment rate down to where the Fed wanted it. Yet the American consumer is losing on both sides. He is getting squeezed through a shorter work week and the interest rate on his credit usage is going to take a significant jump--just like the sticker shock he will feel at the pump now.

If the experts were wrong about the consumer spending his pump savings, how is a rising fuel bill going to fit in with smaller take-home pay due to shorter hours?

I've had readers comment about "my perpetual negativity." That mindset does not want facts as much as they want something positive to hold onto--just look at the political campaign we are in. But facts have to be dealt with in the real world outside Washington. You ignore them at your peril. That is the disconnect between the Beltway and Main Street. 

The economy has more storm clouds now than it did in the summer of 2007. These are not mere headwinds able to be minimized with another round Quantitative Easing or a reduction in interest rates but fully mature storm warnings that will quash most living standard norms.

Right now, in the United States, America finds itself in a position where we may be the first American generation who is leaving the next one with fewer options, not more.

Believe political hype if you wish. A fact-based data analysis keeps showing an economy that is contracting, not improving. It is not a realization that sits comfortably--even for someone with a "negative mindset."
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson
Photo: Golden Ocean Group
Photo: Golden Ocean Group

Glenn Beck on Donald Trump: "The Stabbing Just Wouldn't Stop" (TRUNEWS VIDEO)

Secret Service Visits The Blaze Studios Following Glenn Beck Stabbing Comments

Philippines seizes North Korean cargo ship to enforce U.N. sanctions
The Philippines said on Saturday it had seized a North Korean freighter that was covered by harsher United Nations' sanctions against Pyongyang over its nuclear program. Manila will also deport the vessel's 21 North Korean crew and will await a U.N. inspection team from the United Nations, foreign ministry spokesman Charles Jose said in a text message. "In compliance with the United Nations resolution, the North Korean ship in Subic will be impounded and not allowed to leave port," he said.  
Why Aren't More Americans Working?
According to today's employment report, 59.8 percent of Americans ages 16 and older had jobs in February. That's the highest employment-to-population ratio in years, and the rate of increase is clearly on the rise.
Japan's negative interest rate policy is doing the exact opposite of what was expected
The Bank of Japan is one of the newest central banks to adopt a negative interest rate policy (NIRP), and we’re already starting to see some of the negative impacts investors were worried about. Typically, the point of monetary easing is to expand the economy, but analysts are seeing the opposite happen in Japan following the adoption of the NIRP.  
Ben Carson ends campaign, will lead Christian voter group
Ben Carson on Friday officially ended his presidential campaign and revealed his next move: chairing a group focused on getting out the Christian vote in November.  
Indiana set to divest from companies that boycott Israel
Indiana is preparing to pull tens of millions of dollars in retirement investments out of companies that are seeking to inflict economic harm on Israel.
Trump New Orleans

‘Scary, Tense, New Level of Menace”: PROTESTERS GET PHYSICAL, INTERRUPT, SCREAM PROFANITIES at Massive Trump Rally in New Orleans


Bloomberg Anti Gun Bills DEFEATED In Oregon

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