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Hey Dave!  Thank you so very much for your vigilant pursuit of the truth and to get the information out to all of us !!  God Bless you for that.  I was just giving you some FYI information.  Here in Wheatland, Wy we have seen a huge amount of what looks like military caravans in the area.  Was driving to Laramie, Wy on a back road and met a possible 75-100 vehicles of some sort in a few convoys!!  I will attach video below.
Also saw this truck with AMES on it.  Armed Mobile Emergency & Safety.  Do you know anything about these…government, military, UN Etc.  Have seen a couple more but no pictures of them. 
Thanks again if you can help identify the truck pictures or a good guesstimate would be great also!     J

Secret military movements in Wyoming
Secret military movements in Wyoming

May 2016 11 002
Almost nobody knows who the heck these guys are (Armed Mobile, Emergency and Security *AMES). I found one ARSOF officer who had come across AMES.
For years, Ames has been the glue that would tie together several first responder agencies, intelligence operations and on-scene military. They have been used at critical shooting events. However, in recent years, my source tells me that they have been involved with coordinated drills with foreign troops in high profile activities such as Jade Helm 15 and now UWEX 16.  This is also happening in conjunction with the presence of foreign mercenaries in nearby Northern Colorado.  Ames is the perfect coordinating group from which to fight a guerrilla war against rogue American units.