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Monday, November 3, 2014

'The Silence Is Deafening' -Sheila Zilinsky / Dr. Michael Savage warns Americans have just weeks left to stop nation from collapsing into civil war / Terminally ill woman ends own life in Oregon... / Churches defy IRS, endorse candidates, dare agency to sue... / Allah in the Classroom — the ABC’s of Forced Conversion / NY State blesses ‘incest’ marriage between uncle, niece / So why are those Somalis moving to Cheyenne, WY? Prepare to be shocked / ◾'Perfectly healthy' Florida girl, 10, is paralyzed with rare brain infection and can no longer speak - four days after receiving flu shot / ◾ALERT: Border Patrol Calls on the American People to Rise up Against Barack H. Obama [DETAILS] /

'The Silence Is Deafening' -Sheila Zilinsky

AGAIN: Maryland Voting Machines Changing Republican Votes -- To Dem!

More than 9 million ballots cast with week to go...




Terminally ill woman ends own life in Oregon...

Economy Trumps Social Issues In Election
As the election season nears its end more likely voters are turning to the GOP for answers. Not because the group has any better answers but merely because of the Liberal focus on social issues.

Who cares about global warming when you can't find a living wage job? Who cares about race equality or gender issues when the family car breaks down and the repair bill is beyond your resources? Who cares about the removal of the same sex marriage bans when Ebola threatens to overwhelm an ever-increasingly costly health care system?

The social issues the media fell in love with while it overtly supported the Progressive movement for the past 50 years have suddenly waned with the voting bloc harsh in the face of economic reality. Main Streets across the country, particularly those in fly-over USA, have suddenly woke up to the fact they can DO SOMETHING about their economics at the voting booth.

Thus, they are turning away from the party in control of the White House. It does not mean they are supporting the Republican stance, they just want improvement and are going to the only currently viable option.

The anger sweeping across the countryside is unmatched in American history. And it comes down to the way the bureaucracy mismanages its statistics.

The 1984 scenario where 2+2=5 is no longer working for the masses. They know the correct answer. So when the statistics equate a lost, living wage job with part-time, non-living wage job, Americans know they are getting the short end of the stick. When they can see their financial future more dismal than it was in 2006, they turn frustration into anger.

But the real disaster for the social policies is in the way the inflation factors in food and energy were not counted for years but now those prices are declining the government is beating that drum to death on "how much more the consumer has to spend." Does it offset the increase cost of housing? Does it offset the increase in government services due to the rising cost of health care for those working in those areas?

The Progressives see a rising minimum wage as a cure-all for what ails the economy. In reality, such artificial personnel costs are a dagger into the heart of small business ventures, businesses already reeling from the effects of Obamacare.

For five and a half years voters have listened to the bumbler in the White House claim the economy is improving. They are tired of waiting to feel the effects. Obama even admitted two months ago while at another fund raiser that "the economy is improving, Americans just haven't felt it yet."

How do people know it is improving unless they feel it? They can see the stimulus packages they funded helping the banker and Wall Street millionaires. They can see the wealth of Congressional insiders growing dramatically, but it isn't getting to where they live and they want to know why.

The gridlock in Congress due to split party control doesn't help. The POTUS claiming he can run roughshod over the Constitution provisions with a phone and a pen, doesn't help. They want to see things improve on their Main Street. They want to see real economic progress come to their front door and stop having to look over the fence at the greener pastures they've been taxed for but can't enjoy.

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal stated "Despite months of positive U.S. economic trends, President Barack Obama has record low approval ratings."

Yet in the same story, the WSJ admits more than 25% of the homeowners in Florida still owe more on their mortgages than their houses are worth. Isn't that the same bubble that caused the 2007 housing meltdown? How can conditions be better when more people are in the same situation as seven years ago? The government can put out all the fancy-dan figuring it wants but the reality is people know their situation hasn't improved and the same mess exists.

A government intent on buying support with programs, a government insistent on the fact "businesses don't provide jobs" or "business owners didn't build that" have lost touch with the average voter. A government who wants to improve the economy solely through increased government support is a loser.

America was not built by government providing much more than basics like border control, general laws and military strength. It began to rot when the government stepped in and began "providing" more than these basic items. It was ruined when the government began thinking it had to be involved in every aspect of life.

Both parties got us to this point with their "we know best" style. The voters know it that doesn't work.

George Washington would be a loser in this atmosphere. But he didn't have all the 'holier than thou' types inside his leadership. He had people who knew the price of freedom from tyranny wasn't decided at the ballot box but on the front lines of war. Where are those people in the Obama Administration?

Common sense is necessary for our elected officials. The voter dislikes both sides but right now the Liberals control the White House and that's where the anger is directed.

What's missing from the equation is the multiple party concessions the Founding Fathers envisioned. They actually looked to France and thought the government they were establishing would be populated by 200 parties who would have to form pacts to get something through. Not two that fought like siblings.

The furniture of America's house is wrecked. Both sides are saying "Not me!" The voter knows better but is picking on the one who is the biggest right now.

But if things don't improve and quickly, to whom will the voters turn in 2016?

"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."-Thomas Jefferson
The IRS headquarters is shown. | AP Photo
Churches defy IRS, endorse candidates, dare agency to sue... - Rogue pastors endorse candidates, but IRS looks away/
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