There is much ado about the recent breaking news of the FBI setting up a Triage Center at the hospital in Burns.  The reaction could be just what the feds were hoping for.  At this point in the ‘standoff’ (which isn’t a standoff — everyone is coming and going freely, with the FBI 30 miles away), the federal government has decided its time to take things to a new level.  Not a tactical operation or a raid, but the perception of one.  There are many in the patriot community who toss the word ‘psyops’ around loosely, but it is often misused.
What you’re seeing in Burns now, and what we are likely to see in the coming days (and weeks?) is an uptick in passive aggression in terms of impacting the psychology of the patriots occupying the wildlife refuge.  The operation we saw announced today, and what we are likely to see in the near future, is intended to produce specific results — fear and demoralization.
If the FBI (et al) were truly planning an imminent offensive tactical operation, they would do their best to minimize projecting such actions.  Furthermore, the doctor who was reported to be requesting “more blood” is not something that would EVER be made known to the public unless it was meant to.  I have a difficult time believing that someone on the inside, agonizing of the possibilities of what this could all mean, would ‘leak’ the information to the media.  I strongly suspect this was intentionally ‘leaked’, to create the reaction among the patriot community that it has, precisely.
I expect that other similar operations may take place in the coming hours/days.  This is intended to ‘shake’ the psyche of those who are occupying the Refuge, and especially, their families.  The goal is to have parents, spouses, and friends PLEA with the patriots now, before blood is spilled.
The next stage I expect is for a dialogue between the FBI (Negotiators) and the patriots, with the ominous triage center and news coverage of requests for “more blood” as the backdrop.  This operation is intended to have an intended desired psychological effect on the occupiers and their families, hence… ‘Psyops’.
But the strategy could have unintended (or perhaps not-so-unintended) consequences.  The patriot community is rallying and now new calls for patriots to show up are being made.  A call by Stewart Rhodes to create a “buffer Zone” could result in a significant influx of patriots, militia, III%, etc., descending on Harney County.
The III% groups of Oregon and Idaho are reportedly doing a stellar job of making sure cooler heads are in charge, and are policing the ‘tacti-cool’ guys, mentoring them, and making sure everyone has a place, if his heart and head is in the right place.  Everything I’ve heard about them indicates they are doing all they can to keep the situation from unnecessarily escalating.  They are there for one thing, and that is to ensure the Malheur Refuge situation doesn’t turn into another free Waco, and I wholeheartedly support their efforts.  Keep up the great work gentlemen.
Unfortunately, the federal government doesn’t have a stellar record at deescalating tense situations, and they have egg to remove from their faces after the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014, and no doubt, some of them among the agencies are holding a grudge.  It could very well be that someone’s intended affect of the triage center is to escalate, or provoke, a response from the patriot community.  This could be the long-awaited catalyst to justify the actions of evil men with evil intentions and an appetite for enslaving others to advance their own ambitions.  I hope this isn’t the case, because if it is war that some corrupt powers-that-be want, then war they will get.  A civil war in this country, as looming as it seems, must be avoided if at all possible.  But if avoiding it is not possible, let it come in my time, so my children will know peace.
We need to continuously remember to keep this situation in our prayers.  Pray for courage, wisdom, and discernment over all involved, and for the enemy’s schemes and plans to be thwarted and disrupted.
This is my own personal assessment, and I could be wrong, but I truly believe they are not projecting an impending offensive tactical move, but rather creating the perception of it to gain compliance from the patriots at the refuge.  In either case, stay vigilant.  -JJS